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Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Review

Digital camera review overview
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Introduction
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Camera
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Control
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Adjustments
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Storage and Energy
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Test-images
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Test-images
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Camera
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Conclusion

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Review conclusion

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS megazoom digital camera
The Canon PowerShot SX200IS Megazoom camera is a very interesting camera. Interesting for both the amateur and newbie photographer, and certainly also for the hobby photographer. The design is simply top-notch, radiating the famous Canon quality. Whereas the competition emphasizes a full auto mode, Canon shows not to be afraid of cannibalism of the G-series and EOS DSLR cameras. The specifications of the Canon SX200IS are impressive and aim at a high ranking. And not without success proven from experience and technical tests from the DIWA Lab. An exquisite wealth of functions is available, making the camera highly interesting for a large group of users. The camera's pleasant operation, which is intuitive and features a low learning curve, including the large zoom range and the effective optical image stabilizer, makes the Canon PowerShot SX200IS a pleasant camera for all-round shooting.

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS image quality
Canon knows how to deal with the relatively high amount of Megapixels and the results in relation to the signal/noise ratio and high ISOs are fine for the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. The DIGIC-4 processor with its algorithms is able to keep the high ISO values free from disastrous noise ratios, and thus enables using high ISO values. Still, this is not a license for the continuous push of increasing the pixel amount. Canon should without question be able to come up with a better signal/noise ratio with fewer pixels, however; from a marketing technical viewpoint, it would be a kiss of death.

Canon SX200 IS - Chromatic aberration
Fact remains, however, that we cannot complain, and the Canon SX200IS performs well in general. Still, Canon does drop a stitch when it comes to chromatic aberration, which diminishes the generally high image quality. The performance in relation to chromatic aberration is poor, and looking at the results, it seems as if Canon does not use software corrections inside the camera to decrease chromatic aberration. In addition, there is strong blur towards the edges in telephoto mode. This truly is a pity, while we would almost have an outstanding Megazoom camera here.

Canon PowerShot SX200IS - A camera with potential
The Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Megazoom is an all-round camera. A pleasant camera with an easy and low learning curve operation. A camera for a wide range of users, even for the hobby photographer. The Canon SX200IS does not have all that many rivals, with the exception of the Panasonic TZ7, which is currently the biggest competitor. Neither camera is perfect, but both have excellent qualities that in fact complement each other. If both cameras would merge, we would have an astonishing Megazoom camera. However, I can't see this happening just yet. For now, the Canon SX200 IS provides versatile setting possibilities, an effective ISO range and a nice focal length. The camera also provides high picture quality, but unfortunately drops a stitch with its lens. Still, the Canon PowerShot SX200IS deserves a high ranking, a camera with true potential!
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS review

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Canon PowerShot SX200 IS review

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Canon PowerShot SX200 IS

Canon digital cameras

SDHC memory cards
Although the Canon SX200IS is an advanced digital camera; the pictures are stored in JPEG format. RAW diehards will have to go for the PowerShot G10 or the EOS DSLR. Thanks to the JPEG storage, files will not exceed the 3MB per picture. This is a very acceptable size which is easy to handle. You don't really need high capacity memory cards. A 2GB SD card will do the job easily, but personally I tend to go for a 4GB or 8GB SDHC card. Since SD / SDHC cards are not only used in digital photo cameras but also in camcorders, it is quite logical to use a larger storage capacity. Unless you use the card solely for the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS.

Considering 8GB of storage capacity:
12M - 4000x3000 pixels - JPEG Fine - 3084KB - 2505 pictures
12M - 4000x3000 pixels - JPEG Standard - 1474KB - 5116 pictures
9M - 4000x2248 pixels - JPEG Fine - 2311KB - 3318 pictures
9M - 4000x2248 pixels - JPEG Standard - 1105KB - 6822 pictures
8M - 3264x2448 pixels - JPEG Fine - 2060KB - 3721 pictures
8M - 3264x2448 pixels - JPEG Standard - 980KB - 7675 pictures
5M -2592x1944 pixels - JPEG Fine - 1395KB - 5457 pictures
5M - 2592x1944 pixels - JPEG Standard - 695KB - 10679 pictures
2M - 1600x1200 pixels - JPEG Fine - 558KB - 12927 pictures
2M - 1600x1200 pixels - JPEG Standard - 278KB - 24562 pictures
0.3M - 640x480 pixels - JPEG Fine - 150KB - 40937 pictures
0.3M - 640x480 pixels - JPEG Standard - 84KB - 61406 pictures

Video resolution 1280x720 pixels - 30fps - 43 min 32 sec
Video resolution 640x480 pixels - 30fps - 1 hour 35 min 1 sec
Video resolution 320x240 pixels - 30fps - 4 hour 52 min 24 sec

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