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Canon Powershot S80 Review

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Canon Powershot S80 Introduction
Canon Powershot S80 Camera
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Canon Powershot S80 Storage and Energy
Canon Powershot S80 Conclusion

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Canon Powershot S80 Review conclusion

Canon Powershot S80 digital camera
The Canon PowerShot S80 is a remarkable digital camera. It's quite a large compact camera and extremely solid. The Canon S80 has a beautiful striking appearance. The camera is well-organized and because of the amount of buttons the Canon PowerShot S80 offers easy operation. The new wheel needs some time to get used to, while it is a button at the same time. Turning the wheel is somewhat too smoothly which diminishes the smart invention a bit.

Canon Powershot S80 - Advanced photographer
The amount of settings possible makes the PowerShot S80 extremely suitable for the advanced photographer. The only sad thing is that shooting in RAW is not available on this camera. A beginning photographer will also enjoy photographing with the Canon PowerShot S80 thanks to its easy operation and full automatic mode. In addition, for those who want to learn about photography will find the Canon PowerShot S80 an excellent digital camera to increase their photographic skills. A small disadvantage is the rather limited aperture modes in telephoto.

Canon S80 digital camera - MyColors function
The MyColors function offers a lot of fun. It invites you to play with colours offering more creativity. And you don't have to use the computer because everything is at hand on the camera. You can freak out your friends by exchanging the colour of someone's sweater to another one on an image! The seasoned photographer will miss the possibility of working in AdobeRGB though. On the other hand the S80 is actually meant for snapshots. The photos made by the Canon PowerShot S80 will not go for printed matters, and most home printers work perfectly with sRGB.

Canon S80 - Resolution & ISO
The enlarged resolution compared to the Canon S70 is not of real importance but seems to be more of a marketing instrument. The difference concerning image quality with the predecessor of the PowerShot S80 isn't that big either. Noise is visible from ISO 200. Purple fringing is suppressed well and light metering functions fine. Also colour reproduction is accurate and even better than average. The auto focus has been improved of which the effect is noticeable especially when there is insufficient light.

Canon PowerShot S80 - Fast start-up time
The start-up time has definitely improved: the Canon PowerShot S80 is ready to shoot within one second. The shutter release lag is restricted and you can really judge well when the actual photo will be taken with the Canon S80. The photos are speedily written on the Secure Digital memory card and taking continuous shots is not a problem. A real joy is the new monitor on the back of the camera. Not only is it bigger, but it is also of excellent quality. Even at low light everything is clearly visible and you don't have to be positioned straight in front of the monitor.

Canon S80 digital compact camera
All in all the Canon PowerShot S80 is an extremely interesting digital camera. It seems a rather stubborn one, but definitely one that proves itself worthy. The PowerShot S80 is found on the top in its price range. Most changes compared to the S70 are for the user's benefit. A few minor changes (like the return of RAW format!) and the Canon PowerShot S80 will be one of the best versatile digital cameras currently available; it's absolutely a recommendable camera!

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Canon Powershot S80 review

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Movie - 1024x768 pixels - 15 f/s - 4 min 9 sec
Movie - 640x480 pixels - 30 f/s - 4 min 9 sec
Movie - 640x480 pixels - 15 f/s - 8 min 14 sec
Movie - 320x240 pixels - 30 f/s - 11 min 42 sec
Movie - 320x240 pixels - 15 f/s - 22 min 53 sec
Movie - 160x120 pixels - 15 f/s - 55 min 57 sec

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