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Canon PowerShot A620 Review

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Canon PowerShot A620 Introduction
Canon PowerShot A620 Camera
Canon PowerShot A620 Control
Canon PowerShot A620 Adjustments
Canon PowerShot A620 Storage and Energy
Canon PowerShot A620 Conclusion

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Canon PowerShot A620 Review conclusion

Canon PowerShot A620 digital camera
It will probably not have escaped anyone's notice that Canon has captured a large share of the market. The performances of its digital camera have definitely contributed to this. One innovation has followed the other and the speed with which Canon brings new techniques and well thought-out concepts on the market is impressive to say the least. The Canon PowerShot A620 is a typical example of an end product that was created as a result of Canon's years of experience in the field of digital photography. The PowerShot A series of digital cameras is successful and the Canon A620 is following in the footsteps of that success story.

Canon PowerShot A620 - 7 Megapixels
The Canon A620 performs well and has an all-round functionality. The high resolution of 7 Megapixels and the handy optical zoom range give the user the necessary basics for taking great pictures. Add to this the handy 2 inch fold out and tilting display and you have a first rate flexible and user-friendly concept.

Canon A620 - Image quality & ISO
Everything about the camera says quality; the casing is well made and the pictures are of excellent quality. Sometimes the colour can be somewhat saturated, but the colours are lively and the pictures are rich in detail. The automatic white balance is good enough for most shots and if you want you can easily control any overly dominant colour casts with a manual setting. Up to and including 200 ISO the shots are free of noise and this only becomes more of an issue from 400 ISO upwards. The operation of the camera leaves little to be desired as it is easy to see everything on the menu quick to navigate.

Canon PowerShot A620 camera - Viewfinder
However, there are a few remarks to be made. This camera has a very small optical viewfinder. The viewfinder has a view cover of about 78% in wide-angle to 80% in tele. In this case we would rather ditch the optical viewfinder for a larger LCD screen. Its internal flash performs well, particularly with tele shots, but is not so good with wide-angle shots. The flash photos have a strong tendency to be underexposed.

Canon A620 - Powerful digital camera
These points fade into insignificance beside the plus points. The Canon Power Shot A620 is a powerful digital camera with excellent picture quality. The camera will appeal to a large group of users, both beginners and more advanced photographers. The relatively low entry-level makes operation simple, but there are enough other setting possibilities to stop the creative photographer from feeling restricted.

Canon PowerShot A620 - Great amateur camera
In practice the Canon PowerShot A620 is a pleasure to use. Apparently, Canon has made a good concept even better and this makes the Canon A620 an absolute first amongst amateur cameras. Canon's success seems unstoppable. The Canon PowerShot A620 is eminently suitable for both the beginner as well as the more demanding photographer. Conclusion: it's a winner!

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Canon PowerShot A620 review

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Canon PowerShot A620 - Secure Digital memory card
With almost 2 frames per second, the Canon PowerShot A620 is not exactly a speed devil, but it does allow the user to take a quick action shot. If you use a fast memory card it will be possible to shoot a card full at the same speed. A standard memory card cannot process that amount of information so quickly, so users wanting to use the camera's top speeds would be wise to choose a fast memory card.

Considering 512MB of storage capacity:
Resolution 3072 x 2304 - Superfine - JPEG - 156 - 3045 KB
Resolution 3072 x 2304 - Normal - JPEG - 251 - 1897 KB
Resolution 3072 x 2304 - basic - JPEG - 520 - 902KB
Resolution 2592 x 1944 - Superfine - JPEG - 190 - 2503KB
Resolution 2592 x 1944 - Normal - JPEG - 339 - 1395 KB
Resolution 2592 x 1944 - Basic - JPEG - 671 - 695KB
Resolution 2048 x 1536 - Superfine - JPEG - 295 - 1602KB
Resolution 2048 x 1536 - Normal - JPEG - 529 - 893KB
Resolution 2048 x 1536 - Basic - JPEG - 1041 - 445KB
Resolution 1600 x 1200 - Superfine - JPEG - 471 - 1002KB
Resolution 1600 x 1200 - Normal - JPEG - 839 - 558KB
Resolution 1600 x 1200 - Basic - JPEG - 1590 - 316KB
Resolution 640 x 480 - Superfine - JPEG - 1777 - 249KB
Resolution 640 x 480 - Normal - JPEG - 2747 - 150KB
Resolution 640 x 480 - Basic - JPEG - 4317 - 84KB
Video resolution 640 x 480 - 30fps - 4 min 9 sec
Video resolution 640 x 480 - 15fps - 8 min 14 sec
Video resolution 320 x 240 - 30fps - 11 min 42 sec
Video resolution 320 x 240 - 15fps - 22 min 53 sec
Video resolution 320 x 240 - 60fps - 5 min 59 sec
Video resolution 160 x 120 - 15fps - 55 min 57 sec

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