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Canon Powershot A520 Review

Digital camera review overview
Canon Powershot A520 Introduction
Canon Powershot A520 Camera
Canon Powershot A520 Control
Canon Powershot A520 Adjustments
Canon Powershot A520 Storage and Energy
Canon Powershot A520 Conclusion

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Canon Powershot A520 Review conclusion

Canon Powershot A520 - Surprisingly versatile
The Canon Powershot A520 is available in the market for a few months now and is enjoying a lot of attention from the consumer. The camera deserves it too! Despite the low entry character of the camera, the A520 features a huge potency and due to its versatility it offers the user an excellent tool to grow to a higher level of photography. In fact, the Powershot A520 probably encourages the user who has the ability to go further than the usual snapshot, to take the next step: de digital (Canon) reflex camera. For those looking for a digital compact camera with ease of use, and enhanced possibilities for creative photography will find it all in the Canon Powershot A520!

Canon A520 - Creativity and Ease
The Canon Powershot A520 is a two-faced digital camera. On the one side the camera offers the ease of full automatic shooting, compact housing, 4x optical zoom, fine exposure, a broad choice of pre-set scenes and an excellently working image processor. On the other side we find the enhanced possibilities of the optional lenses and the manual settings of aperture and shutter speed. These features make the A520 suitable for a large target group. The camera is extremely user-friendly and has fabulous low-energy consumption. The compact size of the camera makes it perfectly suitable for carrying around with you. The Powershot A520 proves again that Canon is following the right track being a sibling of the A-series and not only holding the illustriousness, but also keeping the quality on a high level.

Powershot A520 - Improvements
It is a fact that no digital camera is perfect. And that full automatic settings don't always guarantee a perfect image may also be clear. The same occurs to the Canon Powershot A520 digital camera. The possibilities of the camera are very extensive, especially in its class, and that deserves praise. Still we see some issues that could be improved. The 1.8 inch LCD to begin with. This size is not exceptional anymore and it should be possible to integrate a 2 inch sized monitor into housing like that from the A520, without great difficulty. If Canon chooses to place an optical viewfinder on the next generation (we prefer to see it disappear and in stead have a 2.5 inch LCD) it might be recommendable to place a more precise optical viewfinder. The noise appearing at ISO 400 should not appear with today's technology at hand. Canon drops a stitch here. Furthermore the interval of release is reasonable, but can be improved, and also the speed of the continuous shooting is not very progressive. The new generation of image processors like the DIGIC II will undoubtedly make forget the before mentioned issues in the very near future.

Canon Powershot A520 - Recommendable
It won't come to you as a big surprise; the Canon Powershot A520 is a recommendable digital camera. It offers value for its money, has a few minor points that need improving, but in general it delivers an excellent result. The compact size offers many possibilities, turning itself into a versatile camera, and actually exceeding its own class. The possibilities that the A520 offers ensure keeping the camera in sight and in use! The Canon A520 is a worthy successor to the old Canon A-series digital cameras!

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Canon Powershot A520 review

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Canon Powershot A520 review

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Canon Powershot A520 - Secure Digital flash memory card
The battery compartment of the A520 is placed underneath the multi-controller. The Secure Digital card can only be inserted in the compartment in one way. If you happen to have a close look at a Secure Digital card, and if you wonder what the little catch is doing on the card; it serves as read security lock. If you push the catch down, no data can be stored on the card and the existing data, like your photos or videos, are secured. Sliding the catch upwards, the security lock is unlocked and stored data can be deleted etc. The memory card is ultra light, weighs less than 2 grams and only measures 1.10 x 0.8 inches. The standard delivered 16MB storage capacity is not very useful. It is advisable to purchase an SD memory card with at least 256MB and preferably 512MB.

Considering 256MB of storage capacity:
Resolution 2272x1704 pixels, Super fine, 122 images
Resolution 2272x1704 pixels, Fine, 218 images
Resolution 2272x1704 pixels, Normal, 432 images
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Super fine, 242 images
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Fine, 432 images
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Normal, 822 images
Resolution 1024x768 pixels, Super fine, 422 images
Resolution 1024x768 pixels, Fine, 744 images
Resolution 1024x768 pixels, Normal, 1302 images
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Super fine, 920 images
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Fine, 1422 images
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Normal, 2234 images

Resolution 640x480 pixels, 10 fps, 6 min. 2 sec.
Resolution 320x240 pixels, 15 fps, 11 min. 50 sec.
Resolution 160x120 pixels, 15 fps, 28 min. 58 sec.

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