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Canon IXUS 300 HS Review

Digital camera review overview
Canon IXUS 300 HS Introduction
Canon IXUS 300 HS Control
Canon IXUS 300 HS Adjustments
Canon IXUS 300 HS Storage and Energy
Canon IXUS 300 HS Camera
Canon IXUS 300 HS Test-images
Canon IXUS 300 HS Test-images
Canon IXUS 300 HS Conclusion

Canon IXUS 300 HS Review conclusion

Canon IXUS 300 HS digital camera review
The Canon IXUS 300 HS is an especially fine camera and a valuable addition to the current IXUS series of cameras. The Canon IXUS cameras have actually always been successful, from the first digital IXUS. It is an extensive series of cameras where design always plays an important role. I have always been impressed by the fact that Canon has managed to use their designs for such a long time, while being surprising every time. And that it’s pricey doesn’t seem to deter the consumer.

Canon IXUS 300HS with CMOS backlighting sensor
With the new CMOS backlighting image sensor and the integration of manual setting options, the Canon 300HS camera leans towards the PowerShot S-series (S90). Still, there is enough difference between the PowerShot S and IXUS cameras to speak of different target groups, but the differences are becoming smaller. The bright f/2.0 wide angle zoom lens with the CMOS sensor and the effective image stabilizer form a powerful combination that is very important for the excellent image quality.

Canon IXUS 300 HS camera operation
The control of the Canon IXUS 300HS highly resembles the previous and current IXUS cameras. It has many menu-driven modes and few buttons. The control is simple and well lain out, and an instruction guide is not really necessary in order to take the first steps. A settings dial with the most important main programs is missing. That could be an important argument, next to the RAW support of the S90, for a photographer not to choose the Canon 300HS, but rather to go for a PowerShot S90, where the control is geared more towards photographic experience and demands.

Canon IXUS 300 HS review conclusion
The Canon IXUS 300 HS is a stylish design camera with a high image quality. It is a camera for the design-conscious consumer with an eye for image quality. The technical specifications make the Canon 300HS distinguish itself from the masses. The fine image quality together with the design, form a fine combination. It is a bit pricey, but experience has shown that this does not have to be an objection for this target group.
Canon IXUS 300 HS review

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