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Canon PowerShot G12 Review

Digital camera review overview
Canon PowerShot G12 Introduction
Canon PowerShot G12 Control
Canon PowerShot G12 Adjustments
Canon PowerShot G12 Storage and Energy
Canon PowerShot G12 Test-images
Canon PowerShot G12 Test-images
Canon PowerShot G12 Camera
Canon PowerShot G12 Conclusion

Canon PowerShot G12 Review conclusion

Canon PowerShot G12 review
A camera such as the Canon PowerShot G12 is always received with high expectations by photographers and enthusiastic amateurs. The rumors about the arrival of the G12 right before the Photokina were doing their rounds across the internet, but the fact that a new Canon PowerShot G-camera was to be introduced was not such big news. People were expecting new, revolutionary functions or specifications from this camera. To be honest, it proved to be a kind of disappointment.

Canon PowerShot G12 supports HD video
Compared to its predecessor, not much has changed. The Canon PowerShot G12 now supports 720p HD video, SDXC memory cards, it has a new HDR function, we can use a level and the camera also supports various image ratios. These are not exactly groundbreaking changes, but at the same time that does say something for the quality of the camera. Its predecessor, the G11, was already praised, and the Canon G12 just follows in its footsteps.

Canon PowerShot G12 advanced compact camera
Little progress has been made with this generation, but on the other hand, how do you improve something if it is already at top-level? It seems as if the time has come for Canon to concentrate more on the ‘mirrorless’ camera phenomenon, also referred to as the compact system camera. Despite its flexibility in terms of setting possibilities, part of the Canon assortment has been leaning on the G-series. These cameras have compact dimensions and are clearly lighter weight, offer manual setting possibilities, and are quite close to the G12 in terms of image quality. Still, the Canon PowerShot G12 has struck the right balance between flexibility, image quality and format, which makes the camera quite distinguishing.

Canon PowerShot G12 review conclusion
The Canon PowerShot G12 is a camera with great appeal to photographers. That’s certainly not without reason. The image quality is very solid and its control feels like coming home for photographers. The small improvements and new functions are included, but are not distinguishing enough to speak of a new camera. If you can find the G11 for a good price, go for it. If not, the Canon PowerShot G12 is ready for your next photographic adventure, it’s a wonderful camera!
Canon PowerShot G12 review

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Canon PowerShot G12 review

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Download Canon PowerShot G12 photo

Resolution : 3648 x 2736 pixels
Aperture : f/4
Exposure time : 1/200 sec
ISO : 250
Focal length : 12mm
Metering : Pattern
Compensation : 0 step

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