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Canon EOS 5D Review

Digital camera review overview
Canon EOS 5D Introduction
Canon EOS 5D Camera
Canon EOS 5D Control
Canon EOS 5D Adjustments
Canon EOS 5D Storage and Energy
Canon EOS 5D Conclusion

Canon EOS 5D Review conclusion

Canon EOS 5D professional SLR camera
The Canon EOS 5D is positioned in between the popular semi-professional EOS 20D and the true professional working horses of the EOS-1D series. It nicely fills up the gab in this series and the EOS 5D does that more than convincing. At first the Canon EOS 5D appears to be an enhanced EOS 20D, but that does the Canon EOS 5D wrong. It is a professional camera that achieves some impressing results thanks to the DIGIC II processor and the excellent full-size CMOS image sensor.

Canon 5D - High resolution & speedy image processing
As a result of the high resolution, the robust build and the speedy image processing, the Canon EOS 5D D-SLR is versatile applicable. Not only studio photographers will take an interest in this digital reflex camera. Besides that photo journalist will be able to work well with the Canon 5D. The EOS 5D is just a little too slow to be able handling the real fast action shots, and it can't stand a long-term rain shower either. But if you're shooting in an environment where seeing a camera could work as a disadvantage for you, the EOS 5D is, also because of its size, an ideal tool to work with. The camera is not as big as the EOS-1D Mark N, which might be an advantage in certain circumstances. In addition I can imagine the wedding photographer being an interesting target group for the EOS 5D. Thanks to the impressive results at ISO 3200, the wedding photographer can go on shooting as long as there is a glimpse of natural light available. And with the same camera he/she can shoot portraits, for large print-outs afterwards. It means that you only have to take one camera with you, which might save you from getting back injuries!

Canon 5D SLR camera - Easy to operate
The Canon EOS 5D is an easy to operate camera that can be extensively set to your own demands and wishes. Just as well, because the camera is your tool and you have to be able to operate it blind-folded. The large monitor on the back of the camera plays a main role in the pleasant way of working with the camera. You can effortlessly judge and check the sharpness and everything is clearly readable.

Canon EOS 5D - Good image quality & Low noise
Impressive is the Canon EOS 5D certainly where image quality is concerned in combination with the new EF 24-105 f/4 L IS USM lens. The sharpness is outstandingly high and the colour reproduction especially accurate. Picture Style lets you adjust it to your own taste. What's more is the fact that the new Canon EOS 5D excels on noise and dynamic range. Moreover, ISO 3200 can be used perfectly for high quality prints and in light as well as dark areas the detail remains clearly visible. This is really impressive; you have to see it to believe it. The Canon 5D and the EOS-1D Mark II N are similar in this case. For the competitors it will be a hard nut to crack!

Canon 5D D-SLR - For the new generation of photographers
To be honest, there is not much to complain about with the EOS 5D. Maybe not every button is in the right spot for everybody, but that is a personal matter. Canon proved with the Canon EOS 5D that digital photography has reached an astonishing high level. And that it has become affordable, although investing in the EOS 5D isn't that cheap. I am bold enough to say that we have reached a turning point now and that the introduction of the Canon EOS 5D is the first step for a new generation of photographers that will have the possibility to go for the full-frame sensor now and enter the professional photography path.

Canon EOS 5D digital camera - Absolute recommendable
I am convinced that the EOS 5D is not the end of a period but the start of a whole new interesting era; a time with affordable cameras that combine a high resolution and an outstanding image quality. The Canon 5D has truly impressed me and I reluctantly returned it to Canon. The Canon 5D is a more than recommendable camera, it's an absolute must for the Pro, but also for those who'd like to go on to a higher level, an excelling camera!

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Canon EOS 5D review

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Canon digital cameras

SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash memory card
A RAW image takes up approximately 13MB of memory; this is quite a big file. As we see, a high capacitive memory card is not just luxury. While testing, I used the 1GB SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash memory card. That is the minimum capacity requirement for this camera. JPEG may still be okay, but personally I prefer shooting in RAW to have more possibilities to play with. The amount of images that fit on a card also depends on the sensitivity. Higher sensitivities take up more capacity. The table below shows the amount of ISO 100 images that fit on a 1GB card. I always advise a 2GB memory card as a minimum memory card. The EOS 5D supports the 4 and 8 GB CompactFlash memory cards as well.

Considering 1GB of storage capacity:
RAW - 4368x2912 pixels - 12,9 MB - 58 images
JPEG large - fine - 4368x2912 pixels - 4,6 MB - 202 images
JPEG large - normal - 4368x2912 pixels - 2,3 MB - 392 images
JPEG average - fine - 3168x2112 pixels - 2,7 MB - 336 images
JPEG average - normal - 3168x2112 pixels - 1,4 MB - 638 images
JPEG small - fine - 2496x1664 pixels - 2,0 MB - 466 images
JPEG small - normal - 2496x1664 pixels - 1,0 MB - 892 images

Resolution - RAW + JPEG large - fine - 44 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG large - normal - 50 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG average - fine - 48 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG average - normal - 52 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG small - fine - 50 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG small - normal - 54 images

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