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Canon EOS 450D Review

Digital camera review overview
Canon EOS 450D Introduction
Canon EOS 450D Camera
Canon EOS 450D Control
Canon EOS 450D Adjustments
Canon EOS 450D Storage and Energy
Canon EOS 450D Test-images
Canon EOS 450D Test-images
Canon EOS 450D Camera
Canon EOS 450D Conclusion

Canon EOS 450D Review conclusion

Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera
Canon have gained a lot of experience in the lower segment of the D-SLR market over the past five years. We have witnessed significant improvements between previous and next models. And now we're here with the Canon EOS 450D. A digital SLR camera that doesn't seem to differ too much from the EOS 400D but is in fact a much better camera. A camera that surprises too.

Canon EOS 450D offers Live View
Maybe it is not so much of a surprise that the Canon 450D features a 3 inch monitor with Live View. What is a surprise, however, is how well Live View is implemented. It truly is a joy to work with. The monitor is of excellent quality to offer you a good view of what you can expect with its 100% view and quite a fast auto focus on the image sensor. If you want to focus faster, you will have to settle for a dark monitor, lasting for a second. It is extremely convenient that Live View allows for zooming in to a large extent in order to check the exposure using a live histogram. I really appreciate Canon's implementation of the Canon EOS 450D's Live View. Speeding up might be the only thing left to wish for. Someone who switches from a compact camera to this DSLR will be able to obtain beautiful pictures with the 450D in no-time.

Canon EOS 450D SLR - Viewfinder
And that is also thanks to the fact that the Canon EOS 450D is simply a pleasant camera to work with. The operation is straightforward, you can find everything quickly and the menu is well-organized. On top of that you can set the camera to your own desires thanks to the personal settings. What's more, the viewfinder is enlarged preventing you from having to stare through a miniscule hole. A good viewfinder is of great importance, a fact that is still underestimated, unfortunately. We also have praise for the ISO information in the viewfinder; it makes you use this interesting variable sooner for a correct exposure.

12 Megapixel Canon 450D camera
It's always a matter of waiting and seeing to find out if more pixels on the same format sensor will not lead to a lesser quality. This certainly isn't the case for the Canon EOS 450D. If you look at the pictures taken in practice, you might not notice, but the camera performs more than excellently and offers a consistent quality. The entire sensitivity range also offers quite a consistent high quality. Noise is not a problem at any stage, the dynamic range is both excellent and consistent, and the colour reproduction is superb. Praise again for Canon!

Criticism on the Canon EOS 450D
Is there not one word of criticism for the Canon EOS 450D? Well, not really. Maybe the housing should feel less cheap. And several competitors have some smart abilities that would also look good on the EOS 450D, but that goes two ways. One remark I must make is about the kit lens. Although the lens has improved vastly compared to the old one, I am still not completely satisfied with it. It should be improved further. But then again, the price of the lens is accordingly and Canon offer sufficient choice in lenses if you'd want to purchase another one.

Canon EOS 450D - Top DSLR camera
After testing the Canon EOS 450D I am really satisfied with the camera. It is a perfect camera for everybody. If you are just starting with (digital) photography or if you are a bit more experienced, and whether or not you switch from a compact camera, the Canon 450D enables you to take excellent pictures. Moreover, it comes at an extremely affordable price. Canon live up to their reputation by delivering another excellent digital SLR camera. Not only as far as technique is concerned but also because it is the perfect camera for everybody, for the advanced photographer, or even for the pro to use it as a second (leisure time) camera to shoot in practice. Let it be clear; the Canon EOS 450D is a top model!

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"I just picked up the new Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera at the Canon Netherlands headquarters and took some time to get around Amsterdam and the Vondelpark to take some shots with this camera. The Canon 450D DSLR features a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, EOS Integrated Cleaning System, 3.0” LCD with Live View mode and a new 9-point AF system."

Continue to take a look at our Canon EOS 450D test photos.

Canon EOS 450D review

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Canon EOS 450D - Large files
The Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera has a resolution of 12 Megapixels resulting in large files. There is a possibility for storing the files in a smaller format, with less resolution or a lesser quality but I would not advice this. You can decrease the size at all times, but increasing always results in a less beautiful picture. You have enough choices for file formats. If you shoot in RAW and JPEG at the same time, you will always obtain the largest JPEG but I don't have a problem with that. All it does is fill up your memory.

Canon 450D with SD & SDHC support
The buffer of the Canon 450D can hold 6 RAW images or 53 JPEGs in the highest quality. This is sufficient and you'd have to do your utmost to reach the limits. Especially because the pictures are transferred to the memory card very quickly. Thankfully the Canon EOS 450D allows for using a memory card with a high capacity. The Canon supports the SDHC format so storage capacities of more than 2 GB are also possible. You will certainly need it when you shoot a lot in the highest quality. The table below shows how many pictures will fit on a 2GB card, which is advisable.

Considering 2GB of storage capacity
4272 x 2848 pixels - RAW - 15.3MB - 120 pictures
4272 x 2848 pixels - RAW+JPEG - 15.3 + 4,3MB - 99 pictures
4272 x 2848 pixels - JPEG - Large - Fine - 4.3MB - 460 pictures
4272 x 2848 pixels - JPEG - Large - Normal - 2.2MB - 880 pictures
3088 x 2056 pixels - JPEG - Medium - Fine - 2.5MB - 770 pictures
3088 x 2056 pixels - JPEG - Medium - Normal - 1.3MB - 1470 pictures
2256 x 1504 pixels - JPEG - Small - Fine - 1.6MB - 1190 pictures
2256 x 1504 pixels - JPEG - Small - Normal - 0.8MB - 2290 pictures

Canon EOS 450D - USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection
The advantage of a faster memory card such as a SanDisk Extreme IV, is rapid data transfer providing the computer and the device reading the card are equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection. This should be no problem with the latest generation of notebooks and computers. There is even a rumour spreading that an even faster USB version is in the pipeline, but before this becomes a standard, a lot of water will have floated under the bridge.

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