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Canon Digital IXUS 50 Review

Digital camera review overview
Canon Digital IXUS 50 Introduction
Canon Digital IXUS 50 Camera
Canon Digital IXUS 50 Control
Canon Digital IXUS 50 Adjustments
Canon Digital IXUS 50 Storage and Energy
Canon Digital IXUS 50 Conclusion

Canon Digital IXUS 50 Review conclusion

Canon IXUS 50 - Ease of use
The new Canon IXUS 50 is a beautiful digital camera. Despite its refined techniques it remains a digital camera with ease of use. Of course nothing is wrong with that. One who seeks more possibilities, more creative control and the possibility for full manual control, should look further. However; if you look for a small handy digital camera that carries enough resolution to replace the present analogue camera; you won't be disappointed that easily by the Canon Digital IXUS 40.

Canon IXUS 50 - More freedom to experiment
The user friendliness stands out, the camera looks beautiful, a great design and a superb finishing touch. The concept of the IXUS series of digital cameras seems to have passed with flying colours. The image quality is excellent and the good thing about it is that it happens automatically. Although the exposure is automatic it is still possible to adjust ISO sensitivity and white balance to your own desires. Besides that, the Canon Digital IXUS 50 lets you set the shutter speed manually. These settings offer the beginning as well as the more creative user more freedom to experiment or to get acquainted with the basic elements of (digital) photography.

Canon IXUS 50 - Excellent camera
The strong trump of Canon, the DIGIC II processor also helps the Canon IXUS 50 to achieve its high performance. The speed at which the camera processes the images, the quality of the video clip and in particularly the high speed of the video clip, is impressive. At this moment, there is not another camera to perform the way the IXUS 50 performs, simply effective. On the whole, we are more than satisfied with this Canon digital camera. The camera lives up to its promised specifications, it proves its quality and the ease of feeling at home in a high resolution class like this compact camera does, is impressive. If you are looking for a beautifully finished digital camera, a camera from the inheritance of the famous generations of digital cameras, should put the Canon Digital IXUS 50 on her or his list. In earlier days, design didn't always go well with speed or quality, but with the IXUS 50 Canon proves that it can go together like peas in a pot, a recommendable camera!

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Canon Digital IXUS 50 review

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Canon Digital IXUS 50 review

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Canon IXUS 50 - Secure Digital memory
The Secure Digital memory card has to be inserted in the battery compartment. If you have a closer look at the Secure Digital memory card and you wonder what the small slide on the card is for; it serves as write protection. If you push the slide down, no data can be stored on the card and your existing data, like your photos and video clips are secured. Moving the slide up, the security is disabled and stored data can be deleted etc. Besides using the Secure Digital memory card it is also possible to use the camera in combination with the Multimedia card. But you have to watch out with this latter card. Although the format makes you think it contains the same features as the Secure Digital, Canon specifically reminds you that the Secure Digital has their preference and the MulitMedia card is not entirely supported.

Considering a 512MB storage capacity:
Resolution 2592x1944 pixels, Super fine, 190 images, 2503kB
Resolution 2592x1944 pixels, Fine, 339 images, 1395kB
Resolution 2592x1944 pixels, Normal, 671 images, 695kB
Resolution 2048x1536 pixels, Super fine, 295 images, 1602kB
Resolution 2048x1536 pixels, Fine, 529 images, 893kB
Resolution 2048x1536 pixels, Normal, 1041 images, 445kB
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Super fine, 471 images, 1002kB
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Fine, 839 images, 558kB
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Normal, 1590 images, 278kB
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Super fine, 1777 images, 249kB
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Fine, 2747 images, 150kB
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Normal, 4317 images, 84kB

Resolution 640x480 pixels, 30 fps, 4 min. 9sec. 1980kB/sec
Resolution 640x480 pixels, 15 fps, 8 min. 14 sec. 990kB/sec
Resolution 320x240 pixels, 30 fps, 11 min. 42 sec. 660kB/sec
Resolution 320x240 pixels, 15 fps, 22 min. 53 sec. 330kB/sec
Resolution 320x240 pixels, 60 fps, 5 min. 59 sec. 1320kB/sec
Resolution 160x120 pixels, 15 fps, 55 min. 57 sec. 120kB/sec

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