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Sony Cybershot DSC F828 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Sony Cybershot DSC F828 review

Average user rating: 99%

Brand Sony
Type Cybershot DSC F828
Resolution 8.00 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 3264x2448 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 1.8-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 134x91x156

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Sony Cybershot DSC F828 Reviews from camera owners

Steve - United Kingdom
October 12th 2005 - 23:00 GMT

Had it about 2 years now. I can think of no really bad things to say about it, a few minor ones but I suspect that they are of my own doing (LOL). I can honestly say if your thinking about buying one you will not regret it as it has enough features for the semi professional but its also easy for the amatures amongst us to use.

personal rating: 90%

Tosik - Russian Federation
November 20th 2005 - 13:20 GMT

Although highly praised, the Cybershot F828 has not the best optics with unacceptable chromatic aberrations when shooting w/ wide angle. Also a bit noisy at higher ISO, night shots are much worse than with the Powershot Pro1, movie mode degraded for CompactFlash users. The good part: unmatched sharpness and colors, an arsenal of features.

personal rating: 90%

Juan - United States
March 7th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

Love her or leave her, I would compare the Cybershot DSC F828 to the classic Ugly Duckling. Somewhat cumbersome for someone used to the habitual SLR and you'd better not be handicapped with your right hand, but very rewarding features: tack sharp, superb color, the "swinging" lens a plus in more than one occasion! Once you know it well enough to take full advantage of all the features; like me, you'll give the Sony F828 a rating of 95.

personal rating: 95%

Kim Smith - United States
March 7th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

I was given the Sony Cybershot DSC F828 as a gift. I love it. The only complaint I have is the purple haze it leaves when you take a picture of a shinny metal object. Other than that it is a great up grade to the next step of photography.

personal rating: 98%

D. Clay - Canada
June 24th 2006 - 12:00 GMT

I have had the Cybershot F828 for over a year now. I love this digital camera as I have travelled across Canada from coast to coast the colour results are stunning, sharp and I have received nothing but good comments on my all my shots. In addition to this I like the comfort of this camera in my big hands and the Carl Zeiss lens is beautiful in close up shots.

personal rating: 100%

Larry Van Etten - United Kingdom
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

I own both a Sony Cybershot F717 and a Cybershot F828. I am extremely pleased with the overall performance of the F828 digital camera. In Real Color Mode, it surpasses almost any camera I have been involved with. Use the DSC 717 and the DSC 828, both in 5 megapixel mode, and compare the results. No comparison! The thing I like the least, is the automatic ISO which typically sets to 64. If one manually overrides, the results are poor. Therefore, shooting in dark places w/o flash or tripod is restricted. Otherwise, I love it!

personal rating: 90%

Mac - United States
February 10th 2006 - 18:15 GMT

Great all around camera. The Sony Cybershot DSC F828 digital camera is perfect to take with you when travelling or even on a daily basis for potential interesting shots that you may encounter. I've used this camera for backup on weddings and receptions. Noise, is a real problem at 400 and beyond, but it can be dealt with CS2 or Elements etc. Smart digital zoom, good performer. 10 seconds for a RAW pic? so what! It can not be perfect in all fronts! The "picture in Total darkness" is a great feature and it works well up to about 12 feet. Also, it takes great movies! Overall, a solid camera, rugged and elegant, well balanced, in short: "it's a keeper!"

personal rating: 127%

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