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Samsung Pro 815 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Samsung Pro 815 review

Average user rating: 80%

Brand Samsung
Type Pro 815
Resolution 8.30 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 3264x2448 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 3.5-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 132x87x53mm

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Samsung Pro 815 Reviews from camera owners

Graham Smith - Germany
October 23rd 2005 - 15:00 GMT

A great digital camera. I have been the proud owner of the Samsung Pro 815 for some 3 days now, and I am very happy with this camera!! Regarding the "anti-shake" discussion - again I have taken several shots and no matter what I do I can`t get the Pro 815 to produce "bad pics". Hats off to Samsung!

personal rating: 90%

Guritno - Indonesia
November 7th 2006 - 17:00 GMT

I am a beginner in photography, as I started in February 2006. I used a Samsung Pro 815 as my main device in making photographs. It is great, but I have difficulty in focusing manually, and also I could not find the anti-shake menu. I look forward to anyone’s response and answer to this question.

personal rating: 70%

Alice van Vleet - Canada
November 6th 2005 - 16:40 GMT

Great camera overall: tremendous zoom range, very sharp pictures at both extremes, great depth of field, direct access to most commonly used functions via external buttons rather than through menu.

personal rating: 95%

Marshal - Spain
November 10th 2005 - 21:20 GMT

It's a great camera. I've made picture on party's, outdoor, etc etc. I received a lot of compliments about the quality. (ssst but they were all taken on the autom.)

personal rating: 90%

David Young - United Kingdom
May 28th 2006 - 15:00 GMT

The Samsung Pro 815 is a very good camera for the price. Although I agree that shooting in RAW mode is very slow. Other than that I've found it very forgiving no matter what I've asked of it.

personal rating: 80%

Chu Ee - Singapore
March 17th 2006 - 22:00 GMT

The Samsung Pro 815 is a good digital camera, but heavy and bulky and the focusing is very slow and not accurate... Overall the Pro 815 camera can still be improved!

personal rating: 75%

Vladimir - Russia
February 10th 2006 - 18:15 GMT

Tried the Samsung Pro 815 for a few days and found it of Limited usage to my shooting style: 1. RAW-mode (95% of my shooting!) is so SLO-O-O-W-W! With SanDisk Ultra 2 you have wait about 20secs between shots. Unbelievable! 2. Big lens and lack of stabilisation challenge one heavily above 200mm focal range. 420mm requires tripod 95% of time! 3. Noise levels are way too high for year-2005 camera!

personal rating: 60%

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