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Ricoh Caplio R3 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Ricoh Caplio R3 review

Average user rating: 75%

Brand Ricoh
Type Caplio R3
Resolution 5.25 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2592x1944 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 2.5-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 95x26x53

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Ricoh Caplio R3 Reviews from camera owners

Gesa - Germany
March 17th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

I had the Rollei DR5 before (= Ricoh Caplio R1) and must admit it has tremendously improved. The design is much more agreeable! I don't like the shutter because it happened that the upper part stuck and didn't open automatically. I had to use my fingers and heard of others whose shutter was even broken! The stabilizer is a good help and the focus from 28mm with a macro mode of 1 cm is remarkable. The colours are better and more intense than before and you even have a choice now! Unfortunately the lens is still the same as with the predecessors and as the aperture of 3.3 is well below other cameras it causes a lot of noise in darker surroundings. In broad daylight the results of the Ricoh Caplio R3 are really good and the images are sharp. Nice camera at a nice price.

personal rating: 80%

Eugenio Perez - Spain
December 9th 2005 - 22:00 GMT

You should change the standard settings and the images will be of very high quality (Only 5Mp). Particularly change the lower shutter limit and this seems miraculous: the noise disappear!! Enjoy the 28-200 optics (F 3.3-4.8), and it will be today's fastest of the ultra compact cameras. I think its the perfect back-up camera for my DSLR. The flash is just about symbolic, but enough for declutching the slaves. And the very good image stabilizer is mechanical (in the sensor); a luxury between the ultra compact cameras.

personal rating: 85%

Nadya Brand-Mason - United Kingdom
December 5th 2005 - 20:45 GMT

I just received my Ricoh Caplio R3 and was so disappointed with the poor quality of the pictures. Yes, it is compact, yes it is super fast and yes it takes bad pictures. My usual camera the Olympus C765 Ultra Zoom is bulky and slow, but at least, even at 4 megapixel, takes stunning pictures. Ricoh have compromised quality for features. Even the LCD viewing screen is awful. I can't even make out what I am taking pictures of. In low light the flash blows the picture out completely and just leaves white ghost in the frame. I am so sad as I have been looking forward to this one for a long time. I will keep looking for a compact camera that has a super zoom. The quest continues. I sadly rate this camera 4/10.

personal rating: 40%

Mark Gibson - Australia
December 16th 2005 - 16:45 GMT

I am extremely pleased with my Ricoh Caplio R3. It has taken some very impressive and sharp photos. It can be a little noisy but the excellent quality of picture makes up for this. This is the 3rd digital camera that I have had and it is by far the best. A lot better than my previous camera (Sony Cyber-shot DSC P200)

personal rating: 95%

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