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Ricoh Caplio R1 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Ricoh Caplio R1 review

Average user rating: 65%

Brand Ricoh
Type Caplio R1
Resolution 4.20 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2304x1728 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 1.8-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 102x57x25

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Ricoh Caplio R1 Reviews from camera owners

Bob Winters - Australia
October 30th 2005 - 04:15 GMT

In theory the Caplio R1 digital camera sounded perfect. But 90% of all indoor shots are disgusting and unusable. I am very unhappy with the camera operation indoors. I purchased it for a non profit organisation. I was told it was simple and would be idiot proof. I took it back to the camera shop and the guy mucked about for half an hour, he obviously had problems with the camera and then denied he also had problems. Every once in a while the camera comes good with a great shot.

personal rating: 20%

Joe Crandle - New Zealand
December 5th 2005 - 20:45 GMT

Your review about the Caplio R1 is very accurate. I am surprised at the previous comment by Bob about poor performance indoors. I wonder if he has a faulty camera. I have lugged around a SLR for decades and prefer not to use flash so have a feel for low light snapping. I have been surprised how well the Ricoh R1 has done with an f3.3 lens. I have been travelling with it and captured many pictures (often in low light), approaching 1000 exposures. Many of them I would not have got with a larger camera, nor with any of the other small or mid range digitals because the opportunity would have passed. I have changed the light metering to centre weighted, and that might cure Bob's problem if it was caused by bright light from a window. The Ricoh Caplio R1 is great for young kids.

personal rating: 95%

Colin Clarke - United Kingdom
December 16th 2005 - 16:45 GMT

I've had many cameras over 50+ years, and the Caplio R1 rates very high on results/reliability. Probably too many choices to be made when using, so one can't remember all the possibilities, but taken overall havent seen anything better at the price. with its zoom range and pocket ability one can have it on hand all the time. it works well and easily with printer and computer. Only the selector at top on back is a problem - it can be moved inadvertently too easily. I would buy it again.

personal rating: 80%

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