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Praktica DCZ 4.4 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Praktica DCZ 4.4 review

Average user rating: 83%

Brand Praktica
Type DCZ 4.4
Resolution 4.20 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2848x2136 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 2-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 108x56x38

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Praktica DCZ 4.4 specification

Praktica DCZ 4.4 Reviews from camera owners

Andy - United Kingdom
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

Good, does all I want! Still getting to grips with it but I like the Praktica DCZ 4.4, finding it hard to take action shots but think that's my fault.

personal rating: 85%

Evelyn - United Kingdom
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

At first I was worried about buying a brand that I didn't know about, I shouldn't have been. The images of the Praktica DCZ 4.4 are clear and it picks up sharp variable textures. Video camera is good and crisp (if in the right lighting), battery seems to last well, the large LCD screen is handy. But I think a view finder might have been useful for very bright conditions. The only thing that really put me off was the lack of reviews which made me think it was a substandard camera. I am happy with this camera, it does far more than I thought it would. At £99 it really was a bargain. My old Kodak was a 4meg bought a few years ago, I didn't think it would come up to scratch as I wanted a camera for the video that my Kodak didn't have, but it measures well, even pictures.

personal rating: 80%

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