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Pentax Optio S6 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Pentax Optio S6 review

Average user rating: 94%

Brand Pentax
Type Optio S6
Resolution 6.36 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2816x2112 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 2.5-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 85.5x53.5x19

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Pentax Optio S6 Reviews from camera owners

Zack - United States
October 21st 2005 - 21:30 GMT

I recieved the Pentax Optio S6 digital camera as a gift and overall I am very pleased with it. I had previously owned an original Optio S, and this, being the 4th denomination has greatly improved on the orginal. My complaints are the incredibly short battery life, the loop that holds the strap to the camera is plastic and broke very easily and finally, the lack of a viewfinder, your forced to use the screen when your low on battery power. I still recommend this to anyone wanting an ultra compact.

personal rating: 100%

Ken Gunton - United States
October 12th 2005 - 23:15 GMT

I love the large, bright screen. This is a really nice camera overall. I purchased it on October 5, without knowing its release date was to be 10/15. Images are clear and sharp, and the colors are true. The camera's light weight and slim design make it easy to carry anywhere. The movie feature produces higher-quality clips than one would expect with a unit of this size, although the audio is not good. The ability to download frames from the web (where?) is intriguing, and will be put to use when some are available, or the specs are made public so we can make our own. I am glad I made this purchase, which I use as a mid-level between an "el cheapo" and a digital SLR.

personal rating: 95%

Sohail - United Kingdom
October 12th 2005 - 23:00 GMT

Very nice and compact camera, very easy to use, nice functions.. and excellent picture quality, I'm 100% satisfied with this Cam, images are easy to transfer.

personal rating: 100%

Steve Rodgers - United States
June 10th 2006 - 02:00 GMT

The large screen is great, pictures are great, video is good, however, the lack of an optical view finder sucks when battery gets low. My largest complaint about the Pentax Optio S6 is the lack of ability to zoom when taking video, otherwise a very decent compact camera.

personal rating: 85%

Nikki - United States
January 29th 2006 - 18:10 GMT

The Pentax Optio S6 camera is amazing. The picture quality is as good as it really could be for a camera of this size. I know a lot of people who got compact cameras at the same time I did and mine is the best. The large screen is so nice and the videos are of good quality.The size and looks of this camera are great, you don't even know it's in your purse. I would reccomend this camera to anyone.

personal rating: 100%

Mackenzie - Canada
January 29th 2006 - 15:30 GMT

What a great camera is the Pentax Optio S6! Very satisfied... compact, sleek design, lightweight, scratch-resistant screen, easy to use, and hell, It's a Pentax! I would highly recommend this camera... the ones that I were thinking about buying were the SONY DSC-T7, Canon Powershot SD30, the Fuji Finepix Z1 and the Pentax Optio S6. And as you can see I went for the Pentax S6. There is one thing though... longer battery life... which I'm sure everyone could always go for more of that... I can't really complain.

personal rating: 100%

Robin - United Kingdom
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

Can't fault the camera's looks – the Pentax Optio S6 is a lovely little thing. Lack of an optical viewfinder is a bit of a shame. Battery life seems OK, although I haven't been using the camera that long. Uses same battery as S5i but doesn't fit in the cradle - optional charger not included so you have to remove the battery to charge it. Picture quality seems pretty good for a point and click camera. No "green" mode unlike the S5i, as far as I can tell, and my manual came only in French so I haven't had time to read all of the features...

personal rating: 83%

Redford - United States
April 5th 2006 - 11:00 GMT

The Pentax Optio S6 camera is user friendly, looks nice, compact, light weight, picture quality is great... the only issue that I have is choppy video playback on PC. Playback on camera is smooth except on the PC...

personal rating: 92%

Malcolm Taylor - United Kingdom
April 22nd 2006 - 23:00 GMT

I bought my Pentax Optio S6 last December and am mainly very pleased with this digital camera. Nice screen, good pics and videa, and easy to use. But there are two major drawbacks, and these apply to nearly all the present Optio range. Terribly short battery life and lack of optical viewfinder. Pentax really cannot carry on producing bigger screens and more pixels when running the cameras on the present small-powered battery. Other makers, ie Sony and Canon, appear to have largely overcome this problem. Come on Pentax - do something about it!

personal rating: 90%

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