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Olympus SP 500 UZ price - review rating - digital camera prices

Olympus SP 500 UZ review

Average user rating: 75%

Brand Olympus
Type SP 500 UZ
Resolution 6.37 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2816x2112 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 2.5-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 105.5x74.5x71.0

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Olympus SP 500 UZ Reviews from camera owners

Siang - Malaysia
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

The Olympus SP 500UZ digital camera has many functions, at first, I had to take some photos before I really understood the camera. So far I've taken many nice photo with this camera, especially night scene and portrait photo. Sometimes I choose a small aperture and low ISO - and even then I'm able to capture amazing detail and sharpness without the use of a tripod… The Olympus SP 500 UZ is simple perfect and has a very clear LCD.

personal rating: 90%

Nacho - Spain
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

For using the Olympus SP500 Ultra zoom camera you have to understand about the art of photography. The camera has a lot to offer if you first study the very clear explanations of the manual. I just bought it, and after my first Pentax, my Nikon FM2..., and my Fuji Finepix 2800zoom, I can tell you that its perfect if you like to improve a bit more. I've captures images in any light condition and distance; what a zoom guys! And surprise its even manual, I can't believe it!

personal rating: 90%

Moh Noor - Malaysia
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

I am used to SLR cameras. It is true the Olympus SP500UZ is not for "shoot & go" photography and not a beginner digicam. It acts almost like an SLR. We need love & patience to get to know the SP500UZ. For zooming and high quality shot: tripod is a must. For its price I am very much satisfied with its Auto & Manual features. I am still exploring SP500UZ capabilities. Tips to new SP500UZ owners: try out all its features for best shots - learn some basic photography. Minus points : 1) video quality is not what I expect 2) No anti-shake / image stabilizing.

personal rating: 80%

Selcuk Garsoy - Turkey
May 23rd 2006 - 21:00 GMT

The SP500 Ultra Zoom is my second digicam and also the second Olympus digital camera. The first one was a D-540.It has perfect lens capability especially when you use a tripod under low light conditions, but no worth to mention the absence of image stabilization turns to you with many blurry photos without a tripod. On the other hand, as an amateur who used SLRs for many years, manual controls of this camera worth a lot. In my opinion these features point out that SP-500 is not for "shoot & go" photography.

personal rating: 75%

Amitabh - Saudi Arabia
March 8th 2006 - 23:00 GMT

I think its total waste of money to buy the Olympus SP 500 UZ digital camera. At even 30-40% Zoom pictures come out very blurry, you need to have a Tripod stand to avoid any normal human handshake, shutter speed worst, I can't even take picture of my 9 months old baby if he is moving his hand the pictures come out blurry. Out of 10 shots about 2-3 shots will come up to your expectations, its your lucky day. No Image stabilization and no anti shaking feature. I will give 2 points out of 10. Total waste of money. In future I will never buy any Olympus digital cameras anymore.

personal rating: 20%

Judy Firth - Australia
July 16th 2006 - 02:00 GMT

Just took over 5000 pics while visiting Canada & Alaska and love my Olympus SP500 UZ camera. I was amazed at the clarity of the pictures at full zoom. I used all the scene modes especially sport if we were moving or the subject. I haven't used the manual settings, but I was very happy with overall performance. I bought a wide angle lens in San Francisco which is handy.

personal rating: 85%

Birth of Tragedy - Canada
December 16th 2005 - 16:45 GMT

Wonderfully well-equipped camera for the price, excellent for those who know SLR photography, but are not pro shooters. Optics are outstanding, w/ superlative clarity, comparable to or better than any other UZ optics, even in cameras twice the price. Behaves much like an SLR camera in composition. Not a beginner digicam. Body shake is a problem when using zoom, and AF at full zoom needs a couple of tries when composing shot. Tripod is essential, solves most shake problems. However, lack of image stabilization can be overcome by shutterspeed and aperture settings...figured it out 4 mins after opening the box. On cam software is great, v. intuitive. Controls are all placed v. well. Wish the grip was fully covered in rubber.

personal rating: 83%

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