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Olympus E500 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Olympus E500 review

Average user rating: 85%

Brand Olympus
Type E500
Resolution 8.00 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 3264x2448 pixels
Optical zoom n/a
LCD screen size 2.5-inch
Video function No
Dimensions 129.5x94.5x66

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Olympus E500 Reviews from camera owners

Bernard Knockwood - Canada
November 7th 2006 - 18:00 GMT

I received the Olympus E-500 as a replacement for the E-300 that had focussing problems. Now the E-500 has same focussing problems. It appears to be the left sensor. The problem occurs in bright sunlight and seems to get worse over time. I tried an E-500 at the camera store with the left sensor, but it failed too using the only 35mm macro lens. The lens will hunt for focus 3 to 4 times, then freeze and will not work even if the shutter button is repressed to focus, the camera has to be turned off and on. I used a plain white area to test the sensor area in question and instead of racking back and forth the lens hunts in a number of stages then freezes. When the camera works it is great I hope they can fix the focus sensor because I have been without a camera since May 2006.

personal rating: 20%

R. Bartush - United States
November 7th 2006 - 18:00 GMT

The Olympus E500 has been a great camera, especially being able to edit photos in the camera, and the SHQ jpeg is just as good as the TIFF format, at a great price, especially for kit lenses. Canon Rebel XT's kit lens is not high quality. Best bang for your buck!

personal rating: 100%

Muhammad Muhsin - Pakistan
May 7th 2006 - 10:50 GMT

I used a Nikon D70 but after buying the Olympus E500, I am more than happy.. particularly because it allows far more controls than the D70 and D50 and the picture quality is right there with the Canon 350D.. noise is an issue at higher ISO settings but that's that.. you don't shoot in the dark all the time... the Oly E500 is great value for money...very nice contrast images and one can't under estimate the b/w filters.. the extensive menu functions.. it’s a great camera for this price...

personal rating: 9%

Pedro Neves - Portugal
May 23rd 2006 - 21:00 GMT

I bought the Oly E500 a couple a months ago with the two lenses kit (14-45 mmm and 40-150 mm) and I have to say that I'm impressed with the capabilities and the reliability of the camera. The manual focus is a little strange (I have a Canon EOS SLR also), but in general the E500 is a great camera, that allows the capture of great photos. I'm truly satisfied with the camera. And it costs less than a Nikon D50 or Canon 350D. Have fun with it like I do.

personal rating: 95%

Ben Scapa - United States
March 8th 2006 - 23:00 GMT

The design and features of the Olympus E500 digital camera are well done. Most important the picture quality is excellent. The E-500 is an outstanding value and I am very pleased with this choice.

personal rating: 98%

Chris Jeffords - United States
March 7th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

I am pleased with the Olympus E-500 digital camera. I upgraded from the Canon EOS 300D. My favorite feature is the 2.5" display. All information is bright large and clear. I really like the Olympus colors! I am getting such good results I am using JPEG more than I did with the Canon. My pictures require less post processing. I really enjoyed my Canon, but the display alone is worth the upgrade for me. Also this camera kit was a terrific value. I am happy with the built in flash. I would like Olympus external flash. I will have to save money. They are expensive and difficult to find. In conclusion I will not part with this camera for years to come... or until Olympus will introduce the E-400 of so.. :-)

personal rating: 95%

Dave - Canada
March 7th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

Because of the Manual Focus, which is not a true Manual Focus. The Olympus E500 is just an electronic 'Manual Focus' digital camera - much like the Fuji Finepix S9000 and the Panasonic Lumix FZ-30. In other words, the focus ring on the lens never stops - it turns infinitely to both sides. The 'Manual Focus' is so electronic that you can't focus unless the camera is turned on. With Traditional lenses, you can certainly focus when the camera is off. And the focusing is significantly more precise than with this electronic ring. In addition, there is no manual switch on the body or lens to change between Manual Focus and Auto Focus - it must be done through the menu, which takes time. I really wanted to like the Olympus E-500 but this is a big disappointment.

personal rating: 74%

Sapan Mukherji - United States
March 7th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

I am extremely glad to have Olympus E-500 with dual lens kit, this digital camera delivers stunning digital quality pictures with great functionality. Colors are very true and resolution and details are crisp and precise. The memory requirements are steep at high resolution/low compression, but the results are worth it. The E-500 digital camera is lightweight and easily handled. Most controls are well placed and easily accessible. I would recommend others to buy the Olympus E500 without having second thought.

personal rating: 97%

Vincent Chen - United States
March 17th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

A long time Oly fan with my E10, I wanted to try the 4/3 format, the Olympus E500 is just too great a bargain. Love the color rendition and its resolution. Makes my D70s earn its keep. Coupled with the FL36 flash my fill flash photos are excellent. The camera is very small though and at times my right little finger has no where to perch itself. Menus are intuitive. The big 2.5 LCD monitor is a boon to my challenged sight. I don't use the manual focus much for the above reason. I have both lenses the 14-45mm, and the 40-150mm. Great for far away, not so for wide angle. Few carps; viewfinder a bit small and focusing manually is a chore. No battery grip option. Overall I find the Olympus E-500 a very nice camera for the family or hobbyist on a budget. Love the kit lenses especially. Great fun.

personal rating: 80%

James Rooney - United States
March 17th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

Have used the Olympus E500 for a month (and 2 lens kits), the Oly E-500 is by far the best dSLR out there. The rear collimeter lens makes a huge difference. Also, the camera has shortest mount to "film plane" distance, so all other SLR glass can be used. I have 7 Nikon mount manual lenses and I use them all. Just put the camera on A priority, focus and shoot. Count clicks to set your aperture. If you really want true mechanical manual focus, here you are! Many reviewers complain about noise at the higher ISO. Maybe I just got an exceptional sensor, but I don't have a noise problem. To cut noise, use shorter exposures, allow the sensor to cool between shots. It works.

personal rating: 98%

Haydn Greenow - United Kingdom
March 17th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

I have been both very pleased and impressed with the E-500. This Olympus camera is such an easy digital camera to use with outstanding picture quality. I sold a Nikon D70 to purchase this camera and have absolutely no regrets. The menu system and navigating is very good. I brought the twin lens kit in an SE pack. The only grumble is that in the kit I brought there is no rechargeable battery and charger, just a battery holder for three C123 batteries. Battery life is good though with an average of about 450 photos per set.

personal rating: 95%

Keith Fretwell - United Kingdom
March 17th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

The Olympus E-500 is my first experience in digital photography after having bought my daughter a Canon IXUS 40 for Christmas 2004 and realising the potential of digital imaging. My previous camera is a Nikon F3 which I have owned from new since 1986 together with 28mm 50mm 80mm 105mm & 135mm and more recently a 24mm fixed length lenses. So a tough act to follow! So far I am pleased with the results, taking TIFF formats pictures but I am finding it tough to venture away from the cameras easy settings into more manual modes, I think I have a lot to learn about colour temperature & white balance.

personal rating: 90%

Brett Bradford - United States
June 24th 2006 - 12:00 GMT

The Olympus E500 has the same image quality as the Canon 350D, but costs much less and feels better in your hand. But I read elsewhere that no battery grip is going to be made available for the E500. A major disappointment, as I have large hands. However, for the money you get far more than what you pay for, much nicer than the D50 or 350D. I am just so disappointed in the lack of a battery grip option. I dock the score because of it... that's just weak.

personal rating: 91%

Christophe Delhougne - Canada
June 24th 2006 - 12:00 GMT

While the Olympus E500 is not the best digital SLR in its class, it may be the best value. It offers a lot of features, good performance and photo quality, and a nicely designed body that costs less than you'd expect. If you're moving up to a digital SLR and don't currently own any lenses, the E-500 should be on your shopping list. What I liked: Excellent photo quality. Great value. Well designed, attractive body (unlike the E-300); doesn't feel cheap. Dust reduction system. All the expandability you'd expect from a D-SLR; hot shoe for external flash. Large LCD easy to see outdoors; shows shooting info; allows for easy setting changes. Full manual controls and then some very good performance in nearly all areas.

personal rating: 90%

JP Whyte - Canada
June 10th 2006 - 02:00 GMT

I've used pretty much every dSLR on the market and the one thing that stood out was the SSWF built into the camera and price. I bought the silver model w/ 18-180mm lens kit. WOW! Great camera option!! A seller: The SSWF is unique to Olympus camera! I've also heard complaints about this cameras noise on high ISO. No noise at low ISO w/ long exposure time at all. High ISO...well, it does get noisy above 800ISO FACT: All dSLRs are plauged with the same problems above 800 ISO. Some worse than others. The Olympus is about mid grade here for noise intensity. Why?? The noise is caused by sensor heating- small surface area = greater noise. How do you combat the problem? Shoot low-mid ISO all the time... you won't have any issues.

personal rating: 90%

James Senter - United States
July 31st 2006 - 16:00 GMT

I purchased the Olympus E500 about 4 months ago in preparation for a trip to Yellowstone National Park. I bought the 2 lens kits and have to say I am extremely pleased with it. The 40-150 mm was great for taking photos of animals without getting to close and disturbing them. I have made enlargements, up to 20 x 30 so far with no noticeable distortion using the SHQ setting. This is a great camera for the beginner/amateur photographer. My only negative comment is the cost of optional lenses and it won't use my existing FL-40 flash. I also dropped the 14-45 mm lens from about 20 ft. onto the pavement. It bounced a few times and the housing got scraped but I snap the lens on and it still auto focused and took pictures without a problem.

personal rating: 95%

Gerard Diepeveen - The Netherlands
July 31st 2006 - 16:00 GMT

I bought the Olympus E-500 because the camera I had - a Minolta DiMAZE Z6 - did not have the features I needed. I choose between the Canon EOS 350D and the Oly E-500, finally my choice fell on the E-500. I bought the Olympus E-500 with two kit lenses (14-45 and 40-150) for 858 Euro. I have a CF Ultra II 1Gb and a CF Ultra II 2Gb card. One Hoya Pro1 polarisation filter, wishes are: FL-36 and macro lens. I'm more than happy with this camera it suits my needs for the coming future, it's one great camera!

personal rating: 98%

Chris Spooner - United Kingdom
July 16th 2006 - 02:00 GMT

Having played around with my friends Canon Nikon DSLR's I was frankly disappointed with the standard lens and slightly alarmed at the dust problems they have encountered. On the verge of updating my film camera system [Nikon] I was fortunate enough to be able to try out the Olympus E500 twin lens kit courtesy of my local camera shop. I was surprised at the quality of the pictures and the monochrome mode complete with filters outstrips the competition. I never thought I would switch from Nikon but at the affordable end of the market the Olympus E400 is the best I have tried. The Nikon D50 is a nice body but the plastic standard lens supplied is a disgrace and in no way compares to the Olympus lens. The quality of my prints are A1.

personal rating: 95%

Shreekant B. Joshi - India
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

I went out to purchase a Canon EOS 350D digital camera at the Photofair India Exhibition. But when I saw and handled the Olympus E500 camera I bought it immediately. In features it is as good as Canon of a similar class, if not better. It was also more value for money, being more economical, at least in India at present. The special feature of removing dust through supersonic vibrations was a point in favour of Olympus, as it makes us feel that our valuable camera is more secure even in a dusty environment. Photos taken so far are as good as what I have seen from the Canon 350D. Let's hope that we get better and cheaper lenses too, especially a fast lens with F 1.4 aperture.

personal rating: 95%

David Ellis - United States
December 5th 2005 - 20:45 GMT

I purchased the Dual Lens Kit and am extremely pleased with it. The camera delivers stunning digital images and great functionality. Trips to the zoo have yielded some of the best images, film or digital, that I have ever taken. In particular the 40-150 mm zoom has allowed incredible close-ups. Colors are very true and the resolution and detail crisp and precise. The memory requirements are steep at high resolution/low compression, but the results are worth it. A 1 GB card is a minimum requirement. The camera is lightweight and easily handled. Most controls are well placed and easily accessible though I did find that I could hit a few accidently with my large fingers. If you have old OM lenses, get the MF-1 adapter to extend their use.

personal rating: 95%

Sivakumar - United Kingdom
April 5th 2006 - 11:00 GMT

After using Canon EOS 3000N film SLR, I decided to go for digital Canon 350D or Nikon D50. But when I saw the features of the Olympus E500 and the value it had for the money, its really amazing, a real camera for life. Its wonderful picture taking and quality is top class. I still have a lot to explore on my Oly E500. The best competitor for Canon and Nikon. The Olympus E500 is easy to use and cool to handle for every entry level D-SLR users. The best D-SLR in its class!

personal rating: 95%

Edward Alvarez - United States
April 5th 2006 - 11:00 GMT

I happen to fly on a regular basis as a Jet pilot. It was an extensive search to find the camera that could share the Flight deck with me. I fly to new destinations and observe jets within 1,000 feet verticle seperation. Requiring very quick warm up and ready to shoot. The Olympus E500 fit the "economical" bill. Electronic A/F is great but when photographing jets while we are closing in at 1000 mph or taxing by 10 mph. A/F is not handy "problem solved". I purchased a SIGMA DC 18-125 mm 1:3.5-5.6 with a switch just like Canon & Nikon for manual focus, specs are better than the supplied OEM lens. Colors are great even in "Normal", jpeg is nice, Tiff ok. But the Olympus E500 has "NO" battery grip, what were you thinking? You had a 98% but no grip!

personal rating: 85%

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