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Nikon D200 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Nikon D200 review

Average user rating: 96%

Brand Nikon
Type D200
Resolution 10.20 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 3872x2592 pixels
Optical zoom No
LCD screen size 2.5-inch
Video function No
Dimensions 147x113x74

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Nikon D200 Reviews from camera owners

Anthony - United States
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

The Nikon D200 DSLR is Great! I had it for about a month now and I help my wife shoot eddings. The camera handles good. Very fast shooting. 10 times better then the Nikon D100. If I had the money I would buy one for my wife. The white balance is tricky. I have to leave it at +3, but other then that It's a Very Great Camera.

personal rating: 98%

Markku Järventausta - Finland
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

This is a great improvement after my old D70S. The Nikon D200 camera is built to last in rough use. Before buying I compared this with Canon 30D and the difference was surprisingly big. Metal versus plastic feeling. I have not found the banding problem (luckily) at all in my D200. It is great as well to have all the customized functions and the fast entry to QUAL, ISO and WB. The only negative finding is the shorter battery life.

personal rating: 99%

Denzil Gill - United Kingdom
May 6th 2006 - 09:00 GMT

First impressions with the Nikon D200 were not favourable as, without changing the default camera settings and little post processing, very soft images result. Metering was spot on though and there was no highlight clipping. Noise was a problem as well (I shoot raw only). Then I learnt how to use this little beauty and now I get my sharpest, most detailed, noise free (when properly exposed) photos ever. Finally traded in my old D1X and Nikon 28-70 f2.8 for 12-24 f4 and 17-55 f2.8. Love the accurate colour, metering, handling (for my big hands MB200 grip is essential), resolution, flash system with SB800. Cropped a portrait at ISO 3200 and compared with similar crop from Canon 30D. The Nikon D200 beats the Canon hands down for detail, accurate colour and noise! The best.

personal rating: 100%

Reinier - The Netherlands
May 23rd 2006 - 21:00 GMT

Being a digi critic I only reluctantly went into digital with the D100. It was a sort of disappointment. 6MB is too few if you need to crop every now and then, the viewfinder a horror, the exposure critical. When the D200 came out it was just in time for Nikon as I was considering a 5D or an DMR. The D200 is for me the steps that makes digital SLR match (most) 35mm film (except for a slight disadvantage in DR) at an acceptable price tag, and adds the convenience of the quick digital processing. I do like the exposure accuracy of the 1024cell matrix meter, which seems to make the NEFs darker but allows easy correction in PS with lots of shadow detail. Up to now I relied on the latitude of film in difficult cases. Now a good rangefinder!

personal rating: 95%

Randy Rich - United States
March 7th 2006 - 21:00 GMT

Got my Nikon D200 on December 17th 2005 and liked it so much I bought a Nikon D2X as well, and have started selling off my Canon gear. Excellent image quality, easy to use and quite rugged. The D200 is a keeper and will be used with my D2X.

personal rating: 100%

Keith Abnett - United Kingdom
March 17th 2006 - 22:00 GMT

Having done my digital apprenticeship on the Nikon D70, I have graduated to the Nikon D200. Had the camera a month now and still learning/experimenting. Superb piece of equipment and engineering. The Nikon D200 does not only look good and feel good I no longer feel envious of the professional photographers I see at sports events etc. But I'm disappointed over the capture of RAW images and Nikon's supplied software. Spent a lot of time hunting the internet for the appropriate software and had to download Adobe's latest patch (which was free) into Photoshop Elements 4. Also thought Nikon's engineers would have made the batteries compatible, but power levels vary which each and every camera. Undoubtedly, the Nikon D200 SLR camera will become a classic in the digital fraternity.

personal rating: 99%

James Chuah - Singapore
June 24th 2006 - 12:00 GMT

The Nikon D200 is an excellent camera which provides a very wide range of usage within the latest DSLR cameras from Nikon catering for consumers and pros alike with a limited budget. The only complaint is the battery. To overcome this, I purchased a battery pack MB-200 and an extra battery. With this, I can take up to 1,600 images at a stretch. Excellent isn't it.

personal rating: 99%

Russ Mundschenk - United States
July 23rd 2006 - 10:30 GMT

Unlike the D70, the Nikon D200 is a professional camera. Defaults are set for image post processing. Image sharpening should be performed as the last image manipulation action. Nikon is conservative in its D200 sharpening, you can crank it up if you want. The biggest difference for me between the D70 and the D200 is instant access to critical camera functions, with real switches and not menu functions. These changes can be made by feel. This allows the photographer to concentrate on what is in the viewfinder and not the menu. It is also built like a tank - I have no problem lugging around a few more high-quality pounds. My older manual focus AIS lenses meter in aperture priority just fine - which I shoot anyway. By the way, No banding! Excellent!!

personal rating: 100%

Brian Gerrard - United Kingdom
July 16th 2006 - 02:00 GMT

Comparing the D100 with the D200 is like comparing a Mini with a Rolls Royce. The Nikon D200 being the cream. I have found the D200 excellent in all but a couple of minor details. The round 4 way selector button is soggy and not tactile enough it is very easy to push the button twice especially when reviewing shots. The on off switch notch is very small. As can be imagined the combination of these two in very cold weather wearing gloves could be a problem. Other than that I would recommend anybody to buy this beautiful beast, does everything I wanted and more.

personal rating: 99%

Frans Wuijts - The Netherlands
January 2nd 2006 - 22:00 GMT

Today I collected my Nikon 18-200mm lens. It is build for the D200 camera. The balance is perfect and it works! Superb quality. Unbelievable that Nikon was able to achieve this in a zoom of that range. Next to my 12-24mm the only thing I need is the 80-400mm VR. I can sell my other lenses. Life is beautiful!

personal rating: 100%

Walter Lee - Singapore
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

I had just bought the Nikon D200 on Christmas Eve. Previously, I was using the D100. The D200 is by-far the digital SLR that has the right 'feel' and the right 'specs'. My original reason for choosing the D200 over the Canon 5D was for lens compatibility. Now that I've tested the D200, the reasons have gone beyond lens compatibility. The D200 is the better choice for performance and value. I would strongly recommend a 4GB high-speed CF card to fully exploit the capabilities of this camera. Using the D200 with the Nikon DX 10.5mm fisheye and the SB800 flash is simply a terrific 'system' match. I'm going to experiment more with the new flash system the next few weeks.

personal rating: 100%

Howard Wolowitz - Unites States
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

I have a Nikon D200 since December 19th. Fantastic camera at a great price! You'll hear this a lot but the ergonomics and build quality are simply great. Like my F100 - which I sold to buy the D200 - it fits perfectly into my hand and every button is where it should be. Fast accurate auto focus, 5fps, low film like grain noise at high ISO and accurate exposure system. Wonderful LCD screen and decent menu system. My only complaint is the built in flash failed after one use and I had to send it back for a replacement. Believe me it was hard to part with. Before that had a chance to take a few hundred photos with great success. I feel like a man whose new lover has gone on a small trip and can't wait for her return. I'm in love again.

personal rating: 99%

J. Robert Parker - United States
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

Nikon has done it once again.. After selling 2 F5's and a F100 I was ready to buy the D2X, then I got wind of the D200 and waited. It was well worth the wait, and for a third of the cost. The D200 is everything you want in a new digital camera and all I can say is get one! The camera is well thought out and a breeze to use with excellent results. I also got the MB D200 motor battery and the 18-200mm VR lens, which is as sharp as any I have ever used. The new VR on this lens is better than the previous models and the range is big.. All in all, the combo is unbeatable, if you don't have this rig, get it!

personal rating: 100%

Coach Santa - United States
February 10th 2006 - 18:15 GMT

I upgraded from the D70 and am glad I did. I take a lot of sports shots of my kids, 5fps, can't beat it. High ISO in the gym works well with the Nikon D200. The larger screen, priceless, the 10mp allows me to crop much tighter than the D70. The Nikon D200 is worth the cost. Only problem, buy an extra battery, no way getting 1800 shots, maybe 400.

personal rating: 100%

Frans Wuijts - The Netherlands
December 21st 2005 - 23:00 GMT

I collected mine at Friday December 16, and I must say I feel great with it. I already owned a Fuji S 2 Pro and have a large collection of Nikon lenses. The newest DX as well as non CPU! I already tried the non cpu's on my new camera and they work great. Also the flash equipment works fine. I am glad I ordered mine right away I heard from the launch so I could be the first to collect one in Holland. Nikon did a great job, if it had been a month later I would have been the owner of a Cannon, but than I should have to sell all my beautiful Nikon lenses. Now I can still work with them. I would be pleased if Hasselblad should have the same way of thinking what their users need!! (mine-two body's and 7 lenses-are still on the shelf for two years!)

personal rating: 100%

Tom Roach - United States
December 21st 2005 - 23:00 GMT

I just got my D200 on 17 December. A bit of a learning curve since I have been shooting with either a D70 or D70S. I am sure I have a lot more to learn but am already wildly impressed. These days I shoot mostly nature shots. Today, I got some of my best ever. I bought my first Nikon [a Nikon F]in 1959 in Japan. Been using Nikon ever since. The D200 is beyond my wildest dreams. I needed the slower ISO and extra mega pixels for objects that occupy a smaller portion of the image. I'm shooting mostly with 80-400mm VR. Also use 200mm f4 macro, 28-200mm "G", and the incredible 12-24mm Nikon wide angle lens.

personal rating: 100%

Yves Cloutier - Canada
April 22nd 2006 - 23:00 GMT

Got a Nikon D200 D-SLR this week, it's a great camera but, I had a serious banding problem. I took the camera to Nikon service and they changed a chip in the camera. When back home, I noticed that the problem was still present at 400ISO. I will return the camera because to me, it's not acceptable to have this type of problem. Check your camera for banding as soon as possible after you buy it to avoid bad surprises later. Banding will show around an over exposed area, like a source of light in a scene, Night shots can be affected if your camera has the problem. I just hope I will be able to find a camera without this annoying problem because the Nikon D200 is the most enjoyable camera I ever held!

personal rating: 50%

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