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Nikon Coolpix S3 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Nikon Coolpix S3 review

Average user rating: 71%

Brand Nikon
Type Coolpix S3
Resolution 6.40 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2816x2112 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 2.5-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 89.9x57.5x19.7

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Nikon Coolpix S3 Reviews from camera owners

Mike - United States
October 21st 2005 - 21:50 GMT

Very impressed. Easy to use, yet suprisingly great quality pictures from such a small unbelievable tiny camera. Got quick rave reviews from my subjects after just snapping their picture as they look at the 2.5-inch LCD. All were amazed.

personal rating: 90%

Ray - Australia
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

I did extensive search on the web for reviews before I bought the Nikon Coolpix S3. Here is my contribution to the world. It is a nice camera. I like it for its small size and lightweight. However the picture quality is not great. Photos tend to be dark unless taken under very bright sunlight conditions. I own a Cannon PowerShot digital camera which takes much much better photos. Unfortunately that camera was bulky. The pros for Coolpix S3 are quick start-up, fast shot, quite good battery life. The cons are the picture quality and annoying auto focus. It often can't find the focus. Very nice features are the panorama and close up in the scene mode.

personal rating: 70%

Limm - Thailand
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

Why someone said that the Coolpix S3 was the terrible camera? I heard someone also said that they could not get the S3 produce in focus pictures! I guess these people don't know how to use the camera properly...... For me, the Nikon S3 is great enough for what it is meant to be. I bought a Coolpix S3 with the reasons of 1.) small 2.) handsome 3.) easy to shoot 4.) easy to carry. 5.) believe that Nikon at least would not lose their reputation in the picture quality. And I have got all of them. No complains.

personal rating: 90%

Dimple Godse - India
May 23rd 2006 - 21:00 GMT

In my view the Nikon Coolpix S3 is extremely delicate. Be very careful about not dropping it. I dropped mine on one dreaded day months ago and ever since, it simply won't work in spite of sending it to the Nikon Repair Centre 'n' number of times. It comes back from the centre, I barely take a few shots and it goes back into it's non-functional state. Then I've had to send it to the centre back again. It's happened twice already. I feel so helpless when I watch my little 2 year old girl full of action and new words everyday and I can't capture any of it, in spite of owning a digital camera. I feel any camera should at least be repairable or then strong enough to withstand mishaps.

personal rating: %

Paul Andrews - Japan
March 8th 2006 - 23:00 GMT

I believe the Nikon Coolpix S3 is an excellent camera for anyone who just wants something small that still takes really good pictures. I have seen lens flare in some pictures, but not very much and never seems to detract from the picture. I wish the flash was stronger. Aside from those two points, I have no Complaints about the Coolpix S3! Pictures look great, easy to use, small but feels good in your hand, fast start-up and picture-taking. My low-light/no flash pictures look great, as well (need a tripod or something to set it on, though). Macro is beautiful. Optical zoom inside the camera is also nice. I am a teacher, a snowboarder, and a father, and this camera is perfect for me. Unless you're concerned about the flash not filling out the scene enough, go get this Nikon digital camera!

personal rating: 90%

Conrad Seaman - Canada
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

I find the Coolpix S3 a terrible compact camera. This Nikon digital camera can barely produce a usable shot. The flash and anything other than direct perfect light creates 100's of lens flare spots on the images. The autofocus sensors are poor in low light conditions. After several weeks of use and 100's of shots, only 1 of the 10 shots are usable. Factor in how often that coincides with someone actually smiling or not blinking and we haven't kept many photos. Service from Nikon is poor to non-existent. Their answer to my 3 requests, can be summarized as "tough luck". The image quality we are experiencing is defined as normal. My advice, steer very clear of this camera.

personal rating: 0%

Paul Andrews - Japan
April 5th 2006 - 11:00 GMT

After using my Nikon Coolpix S3 a little more, I have found that it does indeed have a lens flare problem. I went to karaoke (in a small, dark room with bright TV) the other night with this camera. Most of the pictures were so polluted with lens flare that it looked like I had dirt all over the lens or something. This was the only time I've experienced it to that extreme. Most of the time I'm happy with the Nikon S3 digital camera.

personal rating: 70%

Lady J - United States
April 5th 2006 - 11:00 GMT

The Nikon Coolpix S3 digital camera was one of the worst cameras that I have ever purchased! I should have gone with my own research instead of the camera shops and purchased a Casio. I owned this camera for only a day. I used it at night... out of the twenty pictures I took, only 1 was completely in focus and it was taken by accident. The flash took to long to go off and everyone complained about it's aftermath they could see a flash image well after the picture as taken. Also, the screen's resolution was awful in dim light. Altogether this was a crappy camera for me. Took it back today and purchased the Casio Exilim EX-500 and I love it already!

personal rating: 2%

Don West - United States
April 5th 2006 - 11:00 GMT

Great Camera! Small, discreet with no lens protruding from the camera body ever and a matte black body. Fast start-up and the camera menus are very fast and intuitive. Plus the big screen is great! Conrad must have gotten a lemon or something. He should return it to the retailer for exchange. I can find nothing I don't like about this camera and I own Canons as well. Highly recommended but talk to your camera store expert before buying any camera.

personal rating: 100%

Jim Hutchison - United Kingdom
April 5th 2006 - 11:00 GMT

I have used various cameras from Hasselblads, Olympus, Nikon and many more in between and I think the Nikon Coolpix S3 is a fantastic camera, it has many functions fitted some worthwhile and some just gimmicky but for the size and quality of this camera, and the pictures it takes I would recommend it. So the flash may be a little stronger but you can live with that and I haven't experienced any of the flare spots to date that other users seem to get. Go buy this camera you will not be disappointed!

personal rating: 99%

Satish Chandra - India
April 22nd 2006 - 23:00 GMT

I find the Nikon Coolpix S3 an excellent digital camera. You can capture high quality photos with this pocket sized camera. Easy to carry. Who said it is bad. Maybe they don't know how to take photos with this Nikon camera. Overall it is great digital camera.

personal rating: 95%

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