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Kodak EasyShare Z760 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Kodak EasyShare Z760 review

Average user rating: 99%

Brand Kodak
Type EasyShare Z760
Resolution 6.20 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2856x2142 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 2.2-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 100.3x69.2x40.2

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Kodak EasyShare Z760 Reviews from camera owners

Mindy - United States
January 2nd 2006 - 22:00 GMT

The Kodak EasyShare Z760 was my first digital camera so I was afraid it was going to be hard to learn how to use it. I was surprised as I soon realized I was wrong. It is very easy to use and has everything I could ask for and more. My friend who has had several different digital cameras even said: "this is a top quality camera." If she approves of it and gives it a top rating, then I shall as well. I do wish it was smaller, but with all the features it has, it makes up for it!

personal rating: 98%

Jay V. - United States
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

I got a Kodak EasyShare Z760 for Christmas with the docking bay as well. All I can really say is Holy Cow. This camera is versatile, stable, and sturdy. It's not too heavy, but heavy enough so I can get a firm grip to hold it steady, and the customization of setting is down the line incredible. The video isn't perfect, but considering it does sound and video, you can't really complain. As you've read from others it takes insanely great photos. I can't say much more other then Buy this if your thinking about it. If you want a smaller cam with less quality, this isn't for you. But if you don't have 1k to spend on a rebel, this is your best option. Plus you can buy additional lenses, etc!

personal rating: 99%

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