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Casio EXILIM EX-Z1000 price - review rating - digital camera prices

Casio EXILIM EX-Z1000 review

Average user rating: 90%

Brand Casio
Type EXILIM EX-Z1000
Resolution 10.10 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 3648x2736 pixels
Optical zoom Yes
LCD screen size 2.8-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 92.0x58.4x22.4

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Casio EXILIM EX-Z1000 Reviews from camera owners

Frank Hufstedler - United States
November 7th 2006 - 17:00 GMT

I like the appearance of the Casio EXILIM EX-Z1000, and its easy to use features.

personal rating: 100%

Dale Thorn - United States
May 28th 2006 - 15:00 GMT

1. The "zoom with no deterioration" has a lot of deterioration. 2. The new "motion JPEG" movie looks just as bad as the movies on previous Casio cameras. 3. The image quality at 10m pixels is the best I've seen, even better than the Nikon 8800. 4. The controls sidebar in the screen in shooting mode is very useful. 5. Overall the Casio Exilim EX Z1000 is excellent value for the price, because of the outstanding picture quality coupled with useful features and good handling.

personal rating: 90%

Jon Roland - United States
July 31st 2006 - 16:00 GMT

My main application is scanning old books. For this purpose we need at least 10mp, so the Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 looked good. The resolution is sufficient. However, the lack of aperture control means one would have to use supplemental side lighting to get adequate contrast, and this would add to the weight and inconvenience of carrying a copy stand into a library. I also don't find adequate copy stands available, like the old Minox folding quadrupod I used to use with a Tessina. A better solution looks like the Casio YC-400 system, except that the 4mp resolution is not quite sufficient for OCR. It would also need a twain driver to use it with OCR software.

personal rating: 80%

Richard Mason - United States
July 31st 2006 - 16:00 GMT

The Casio Z1000 is an outstanding camera. Excellent value for money! Small, unobtrusive & has an excellent low-light performance. I can shoot without placing subjects under intense, frightening lighting. My camera is used for medico-legal photography. It blows away 35mm throwaways that we used to use in the ER, picking up the finer details of recent trauma and sexual assaults. I wondered if I needed to upgrade from my 5 MP Canon. After the first time I shot photos, I am glad I did. When I am not working, my wife hijacks it for her work as a bridal cosmetologist. Her clients have frequently said that her "snapshots" are "better than the pro's." Movie quality is just "OK," but for the convenience of not having to carry a larger, or separate, video camera, I don't mind.

personal rating: 90%

Anthony Eden - United Kingdom
July 31st 2006 - 16:00 GMT

As an experienced photographer of some +50 years, and having used a Finepix S602 for 3 years, I can say that the Casio EX-Z1000 is a very worthy digital camera. The menus are very clear, fast, and would do credit to any camera. I would recommend it for one over-riding reason - the display screen which you really can see in bright sunshine. The only two draw-backs are 1. noise level at high ASA rating and 2. the zoom control is too quick of the mark - a slow zoom menu setting would be useful.

personal rating: 90%

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