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BenQ DC E30 price - review rating - digital camera prices

BenQ DC E30 review

Average user rating: 45%

Brand BenQ
Type DC E30
Resolution 3.14 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2848x2136 pixels
Optical zoom No
LCD screen size 1.5-inch
Video function Yes
Dimensions 89.5x56x24

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BenQ DC E30 Reviews from camera owners

Luis Rodrigues - Portugal
January 29th 2006 - 15:30 GMT

This camera might be cheap, but that comes at a high price, the camera has too many defects. This camera is a battery eater. There is no option to turn off the LCD screen, and every time the camera is turned on, the flash is charged and you can't d anything until it fully charges, and that eats a lot of battery and consumes a lot of time. You'll probably never be able to take more than 50 good quality photos before the batteries run out. This is a very basic camera, just to take photos, no room for creativity or tune up as you are very limited in options. The digital zoom and 6 interpolated megapixels are pretty bad as there isn't any kind of anti alias, so when you use this functions you'll basically end up with a squared picture. Instead of using it, use a photo editor instead to amplify your pictures and you'll have better results. In good light conditions, and I mean really good light conditions, the camera takes excellent crisp pictures with good colors, but in interiors that are not as good lit as an outdoor scene in a sunny day, the pictures will always be tood dark no matter what you do, and colors will be very wrong, like whites can be really blue-ish or yellowish, and there will be much noise, even if you use flash. This camera isn't any good for taking pictures of moving subjects. In good light conditions the photos will be acceptable, in in dark light conditions there will be too much motion blur, and that will also happen if you are taking pictures of still subjects but you move a little when pressing the shutter button. It's hard to find acceptable cameras for its price, but you might want to spend an extra cash and buy a better one.

personal rating: 45%

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