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Samsung Digimax A503 Camera review | Conclusion
Samsung Digimax A503 digital compact camera
The manufacturers of the Samsung Digimax A503 digital compact camera have succeeded in combining an attractive modern design with user friendly features. It is simple for anyone wanting to get started immediately to get great results. Samsung also chose to give the Samsung A503 camera a thoroughly extensive program that is primarily for freshening pictures up or altering and improving them later on the PC.

Samsung Digimax A503 - Automatic settings
The Samsung Digimax A503 doesn't so much offer photographic choices as creative ones. This means that it has a multiplicity of settings, but that no changes can be made to the aperture or shutter speed series. Is this a defect? Not at all. As you can make lots of changes such as exposure correction, ISO settings, etc, it is always possible to modify the automatic results to achieve a more personal touch. Possible, but not necessary. When we tested the Samsung Digimax A503 we discovered that the standard setting was more than enough. The results were nearly always good. The lens with a fix-focus system doesn't allow for any technical frills, but once more, the results show that this is not necessary.

Samsung A503 - ISO settings & Flash function
We came to the conclusion that the noise has an average signal/noise ratio. The Samsung Digimax A503 has a limited ISO setting and this prevents the noise ratio from becoming too large. Backlight pictures are fine and the camera has surprisingly few problems with chromatic aberration. The flash function and everything concerning spotlight, as it is called is excellent. The flash program is somewhat limited and you cannot always make manual corrections. The red eye function works reasonably well; a built-in red eye correction in the form of final processing software would be a welcome addition.

Samsung Digimax A503 - Picture quality
As I said, there is little chromatic aberration to be found at normal lens settings and program setting A. The final picture quality is fine as far as sharpness goes and the Normal setting is also adequate in this regard. Changes to the focus in pictures have far- reaching consequences for the final storage: what do you think of more than 2400 pictures in the VGA normal focus stand when you use a 512MB Secure Digital flash memory card? If you see if on the camera's display it looks pretty impressive, but the critical point comes into view when you see it on your PC or with a print. By an average resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels you can always save approximately 300 pictures of excellent quality and if that’s not enough….

Samsung Digimax A503 - Digital camera market
The segment to which the Samsung Digimax 503 belongs is being inundated by all sorts of manufacturers. Some are better known than others, but consumers have a familiar name with Samsung. The large assortment and fierce competition mean that the emphasis is on the product's selling price and consumers often shop around between the various makers to get the best deal. The Samsung Digimax A503 has a striking colour and is backed up by conclusive test results. In addition to this Samsung is continually working on its reputation in its bid to conquer a share of the market in rapid tempo. Consumers will encounter the brand name of Samsung increasingly often.

Samsung A503 - Recommended for beginning photographers
The Samsung Digimax 503 digital compact camera gives beginners taking their first steps in the world of digital photography a host of possibilities as well as being user-friendly. Add to this great results and extensive possibilities and the final conclusion is that Samsung has managed to bring a digital camera on the market that has great possibilities, simple operation, excellent results and last but not least, also looks great. I can heartily recommend the Samsung Digimax A503 to any beginning photographer!

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Samsung Digimax A503 | Digital Camera


Samsung Digimax A503
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