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Digital Camera Specifications

Samsung Digimax A503 Camera review | Adjustments
As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Digimax A503 has ten standard settings, which give the user enough possibilities to choose from. These settings have been well thought out by the manufacturer and can be applied easily for good results. The concept of the Samsung A503, an entry-level camera for beginning photographers requires practically no adjustments for taking a picture. You certainly don't have to think about selecting aperture or shutter speed. Considering the type of user and the balanced program it offers, this is also not necessary.
Samsung Digimax A503 | Digital Camera Samsung Digimax A503 | Digital Camera
Samsung A503 - White balance function
As the Samsung A503 compact camera has a white balance function that is both manual and automatic, certain problems with exposure can be overcome. The manufacturer has chosen stable settings for the white balance that gives good end results. One exception to this is if there is a lot of artificial light and the flash does not have enough effective range to outstrip these levels. If this is the case you can always fall back on the manual white balance setting, which will give you better results.

Samsung A503 - Fix-focus lens
As well as the lens's fix-focus setting, it is possible to manually choose two extra settings: close up (macro) and normal. In the standard setting for normal pictures the lens is set at the symbol with the mountains. The focus runs from 1 meter to infinity. This symbol is not shown in the display. The choice for the macro setting (the flower) is shown on the LCD monitor. It is then possible to focus from 20cm, not really impressive for macro, but good for close-ups. There is no optical zoom. If users want to zoom in, they will have to use the digital zoom. As you may know, the digital zoom is inferior to the optical variety, so don't expect too much of it. The Samsung Digimax A503 can zoom in on the subject to 5x. Digital zooming has some limitations: saving pictures in this mode can take longer and there is some loss of quality. You can zoom in to 8x when playing it, depending on the resolution. As well as being able to take both still and video pictures, you can also provide the pictures with sound in the form of a spoken memo.
This setting is fairly easy to choose and can give some pictures that little extra. The Samsung Digimax A503 digital compact camera can reach 30fps with a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels, which is pretty good quality for a digital camera in this price range.

Samsung Digimax A503 - Built-in flash
If you are using the built-in flash you can always completely rely on the A setting. There are exceptions, where an adjustment is necessary or desirable. What goes for the E button also applies to the flash program: not all adjustments are possible. An example of this is the Program (automatic) mode; it is not possible to change a flash setting in this mode. The choice is limited in some other program modes and a bit of research beforehand can prevent disappointment! Beginners are advised to read through the Samsung Digimax A503's instruction manual.

Samsung Digimax A503 - ISO settings
Colour reproduction is good. The low ISO pictures, 100 and 200 ISO have a great noise/signal ratio and the pictures look pretty clean. At 400 ISO the noise takes over, and colour noise appears quickly, especially if pictures are under exposed. Well exposed pictures at 400 ISO are acceptable and can yield good prints. You will have to watch out for noise if you make changes in the exposure program (exposure correction, white balance, RGB and sharpness), but most users will be more than satisfied with this camera in the A (automatic) setting!
Samsung Digimax A503 Samsung Digimax A503
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