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Digital Camera Specifications

Samsung Digimax A503 Camera review | Control
As I said earlier, everything is geared towards making the operation of the Samsung Digimax A503 run as smoothly as possible. As well as the complete A setting you can choose between ten standard programs that cover almost every conceivable situation you could come across when taking a picture. What's more, you can choose from all sorts of extra digital effects, including sharpness, framing and colour effects. All of the setting possibilities are easy to find and can be set quickly.
Samsung Digimax A503 | Digital Camera Samsung Digimax A503 | Digital Camera
Samsung Digimax A503 - LCD display
The LCD display has a clear picture, but doesn't work so well in poor light conditions. The LCD's brightness setting can be changed from normal to dark or light. The flash performs well and the user should just trust it. You will see later that your trust was justified when you look back at pictures taken with the flash: they will be well lit and don't forget that a lot can be remedied later via the computer.

Samsung A503 - Alternative to image stabiliser
The manufacturer has not added an built-in image stabiliser, but has given the Samsung A503 an extra warning mechanism: if there is too much movement, a moving hand appears on the LCD screen! The LCD screen is at a disadvantage if sunlight falls directly on the screen, but that's true of practically every digital camera with a LCD screen. Because the Samsung Digimax A503 doesn't have an optical viewfinder, taking pictures under difficult or poor light conditions requires some skill and what is maybe more important, trust in the available technology!

Samsung A503 - Pre-programmed scènes
There is quite enough choice if you want to use other programs than the AUTO setting. Almost every obstacle has been anticipated in the ten pre-programmed programs, and selecting them is easy. Just select menu choice, go to the program you want, confirm your choice and that's it! Other adjustments, the flash setting for example, are simple and quick to install. It is possible to adjust the ISO to a limited degree, from 100 via 200 to 400 and this will be enough for most users. Naturally, you can also make exposure compensation from -2EV tot +2EV in halfway step. In addition to the AUTO setting which works really well, the white balance can be set in six different varieties. You can also choose the RGB setting (Red/Green/Blue) to create more atmosphere using colour.
Samsung Digimax A503 camera - E button
The E button is to apply special effects: a bit of reserve is a good idea here: in some scene modes such as Night, Sunset, Backlighting, Fireworks or beach and Snow, the effect setting doesn't work and furthermore other adjustments chosen previously will be automatically wiped out if you use these scenes. The use of the E setting requires some study beforehand! The setting for the Frames choice program is a good one; creative users can have some extra fun by choosing a frame before taking the picture. There are nine varieties to choose from.

Samsung Digimax A503 - Multi & Spot light metering
The light metering of the Samsung Digimax A503 can be set at Multi or Spot as required. If in doubt you can use the Bracketing function. The Samsung Digimax A503 digital compact camera has a multiple self timer setting: 10 seconds, 2 seconds, and the double setting: one picture after 10 seconds and another one after 2 seconds. The self timer can also be used in video mode.

Samsung Digimax A503 - Digital Print Order Format function
For settings that have to do with final processing and saving, you can set the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) function. You can add extra print information if you are using a memory card. The Samsung A503 compact camera also has PictBridge: via the USB interface, the camera can be directly connected to a printer to allow you to print a photo without the help of a computer. There are yet more setting possibilities such as format, number of quality, adding date and if you want you can give it a file name.
Samsung Digimax A503 Samsung Digimax A503
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