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Samsung Digimax A503 Digital camera review | Introduction
Samsung Digimax A503 review : The creators of this latest addition to the Samsung family have made it in an attractive, eye-catching colour. Not only does this camera look good, it also feels good in your hand. The Samsung Digimax A503 has a SHD fix-focused lens with a focal distance of 6.1 mm. If you compare it to a 35mm, it is the equivalent of a 36mm, or a small wide-angle. The Samsung Digimax A503 has a digital zoom (5x), and an extra ‘close by’ and ‘faraway’ setting that can be chosen via a ring around the lens.

Samsung Digimax A503 - 5 Megapixels
The Samsung A503 is equipped with a 1/2.5 inch CCD image sensor that gives you 5 Megapixels in resolution. This small model also has a 2 inch color LCD display. It does not have an optical viewfinder but you can make a close-up of the subject with the 5x digital zoom. The Samsung Digimax A503 is a good digital camera for a beginner or maybe a young photographer who is not yet ready for an expensive model. The benefit to the user should lie in the simplicity of operation and ease of use.

Samsung Digimax A503 digital camera
Samsung has introduced a considerable number of cameras onto the market over the last few years. The Samsung A503 is from the lower end of the range and is aimed at beginners. Samsung also has a diverse series of digital cameras in their range, including a digital reflex camera - the Samsung GX2. This year, Samsung is taking big steps towards becoming a mature player in the digital camera world and offering consumers a complete range of digital imaging products. It is noticeable that camera manufacturers are having problems holding their own in a once reliable market and that electronics manufacturers with little or no affinity with photography seem to be effortlessly introducing complete ranges within a relatively short period, snatching a valuable share of the market in the process.

Samsung A503 - Amateur photographer
The Samsung Digimax A503 is a simple digital camera with basic functionality. It is not equipped with an auto focus so focussing is done with a fix-focus system, which you could say has a fixed value. The user does not have to bother with exposures in the form of aperture or shutter speed; the Samsung Digimax A503 camera has taken all this over. As much as possible has been made automatic, enhanced with a series of pre-programmed scenes. This makes it easy for beginning photographers to record their favourite moments.

Samsung A503 review
The Samsung Digimax A503 digital compact camera is a 5 Megapixel model for beginners; a digital camera for anyone for whom price is an important consideration when buying a camera. We were able to try out the Samsung A503 for a while to test how it works. You can read our findings in the following Samsung Digimax A503 digital camera review.

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Samsung Digimax A503 | Digital Camera

  Samsung Digimax A503
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