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Kodak EasyShare Z650 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Kodak EasyShare Z650 does not come with an extra storage card, but does have an internal memory (28MB). Maybe this is one of the reasons why the settings to save a picture are a bit meagre in comparison to current ‘standards’ . With around 46 shots in the lowest resolution, when using the internal memory, it is not much more than a classic 135 mm 36 exposure film. This number and the low resolution is not much fun for Kodak Z650 owners.
Kodak EasyShare Z650 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare Z650 | Digital Camera
Kodak Z650 - 256MB flash memory card
To acquire sufficient storage capacity you would have to consider buying at least a 256MB flash memory card. That would allow you to take about 133 shots in the highest resolution and more than 415 shots in the lowest resolution. Naturally, these improvements in storage also apply to the video: without an extra Secure Digital memory card, you can only take just under 3.5 minutes of video (this resembles the old Super 8) but extending it to 256MB will allow you to record for up to half an hour. In practice, you could also choose a 512MB Secure Digital card. It would give you more storage and allow you to save 266 pictures in the highest resolution - now there’s something you could really work with! Furthermore, you should always choose to work in a high (or highest) resolution, as this will only be good for the results of the Kodak EasyShare Z650. Naturally you will need some reserves concerning the actually number of shots: using the Favourites setting takes up a lot of storage space.

Considering a storage capacity of 256MB:
Resolution 2831 x 2128 pixels - Fine - 133 pictures
Resolution 2832 x 1888 pixels 3:2 - Fine - 149 pictures
Resolution 2304 x 1728 pixels - Normal - 196 pictures
Resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels - Normal - 242 pictures
Resolution 1496 x 1122 pixels - Normal - 416 pictures
Video resolution 640 x 480 pixels - 11bps - 15 min 58 sec
Video resolution 320 x 240 pixels - 11bps - 30 min 8 sec
Kodak Z650 - 1GB Secure Digital memory card
A 1GB Secure Digital memory card would allow you to save enormous numbers of pictures and record two hours of video. This could be a good option for critical users, who will want to be able to choose from as many shots/videos as possible, but once more, a 256MB Secure Digital memory card will work perfectly well. Anything extra is often a question of just wanting to spend some extra money, which is of course, up to you.

EasyShare Z650 - Kodak CRV-3/3 Volt Lithium battery
The Kodak EasyShare Z650 has diverse options regarding the battery: first, you could use the Kodak CRV-3/3 Volt Lithium battery supplied with the camera; using this source of energy you can take approximately 390 pictures, but you could also place two AA format batteries, which would allow you approximately 350 pictures. Finally, you could go for rechargeable NiMH batteries but this would give you less pictures, approximately 250 pictures at the most. A few extra sets of batteries are quite enough in this case.

Kodak EasyShare Z650 - NiMH batteries
The manufacturer clearly recommends the use of the better quality NiMH batteries and the user would do well to follow this wise advice. When used intensively, the batteries can become very warm and it can’t do any harm to keep this in mind. Finally, more factors are involved than a battery’s exact capacity: think of the outdoor temperature and the number of flash shots. Recharging can be done in various ways: apart from the camera in a separate charger, via the Kodak EasyShare dock, and if the energy is needed, the camera can be connected to a Kodak 3-volt AC adapter. These can all be purchased as separate accessories. Once more, there is plenty of choice for every user.
Kodak EasyShare Z650 Kodak EasyShare Z650
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