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Kodak EasyShare Z650 Camera review | Camera
With the new Kodak EasyShare Z650, Kodak has brought yet another attractive digital camera on the market. It doesn’t just look good, but is also exceptionally versatile. The design of the Kodak Z650 is modern and functional. Thanks to the well thought-out out construction, it is easy and comfortable to hold. When it is turned on you hear a sound and you can immediately see the program the camera is set at on the 2 inch LCD screen. Any changes and modes are always given on the LCD screen. Using the INFO button, you can quickly check the different choices on the LCD display, and not brought into view.
Kodak EasyShare Z650 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare Z650 | Digital Camera
Kodak Z650 - Viewfinder or LCD display
If you want to use the viewfinder, which is 5.1 mm in diameter, you can turn off the LCD display by simply pressing the button. Viewfinder or LCD screen - you've got to chose because they can't both be used at the same time, but there are situations where you would choose the viewfinder.

Kodak EasyShare Z650 - Shutter release
With a weight of around 300 gram, depending upon the choice of battery, the camera is not too light and because the lens is proportionally large, there is a well balanced combination of form, weight and lens. The Kodak Z650 camera doesn't fall over easily, which is useful if you don’t have a tripod. If you touch the shutter release a green AF illuminator is turned on, that is actually less disturbing than a red one. After pressing in the shutter release, you hear the sound of a shutter and because the LCD display is turned off it is obvious that a shot is being made. The camera is ready for the next shot straight afterwards. Simple, clear, and fast.

Kodak Z650 camera - Schneider Kreuznach lens
The Schneider Kreuznach lens of the Variogon variety has a range of 38 - 380 mm, which is ample. Thanks to the chosen construction the lens stays in position like when you turn on the camera, not even 2 cm. The lens is so integrated in the body that it makes for one balanced whole. The entire body is made from silver coloured plastic, except for the edge of the lens and the place on the bottom for the tripod connection. On the whole, the Kodak EasyShare Z650 makes a sturdy impression.
Kodak EasyShare Z650 - Focus range
The lens's focus range is pretty good and selected modes are shown quickly and accurately in the LCD display at the rear. In poor light it seems to become a bit streaky but this does not continue long enough to be a problem. The electronic viewfinder has more difficulty reproducing an exact image; the colours in the picture are a bit sharp and the streaky image starts to get irritating after a while. Mind you, this only happens in artificial light; it works perfectly well in daylight and is sometimes even better than the LCD screen. The operating buttons and key are situated so that they are easy to oversee and have a logical position on the body. The Share button, an important element when using the accompanying Kodak software has a very central location.

Kodak EasyShare Z650 - Review button
The Review button is very useful if you want to see pictures you've taken quickly without having to go through the complete menu. To set the diverse modes in the Kodak EasyShare digital camera there is a main mode dial, with a joystick select button placed in the middle. Thanks to the cramped measurements, operating it requires some practise. The tele zoom button is exactly where the thumb of the (right handed) user falls and buttons to adjust the flash settings, macro/tele and timer settings are within the reach of the index finger. As well as the on/off mode, the main switch has a favourite mode with which you can choose pictures that you want to save. There are two more buttons above the display: screen or electronic viewfinder choice and the info button. To the far right there is a button to open the internal flash. On the right side of the Kodak EasyShare Z650 camera in the curve of the hand grip there is a flap which conceals the USB interface and Secure Digital card slot. The Kodak Z650 is a well thought out product with pleasant features.
Kodak EasyShare Z650 Kodak EasyShare Z650
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