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Kodak EasyShare Z650 Digital camera review | Introduction
Kodak EasyShare Z650 digital camera review : The Kodak EasyShare Z650, a new super zoom digital camera was launched at the beginning of the year. The camera is a new model in the EasyShare Z series of digital camera. The Kodak Z650 is equipped with a Schneider Kreuznach optical zoom lens. The zoom lens has a 10x zoom range with an optical range of 38 - 380 mm (comparable to a 35 mm format camera). In practice it is great to work with: a fantastic wide-angle and generous tele range. An all round optical range, in fact.

Kodak Z650 - 6,1 Megapixel CCD sensor
De Kodak Z650 is equipped with a 1/2.5 inch 6.1 Megapixel CCD image sensor. Although Kodak has more or less provided a description of pixel formats in the manual, in fact it just means that the X factor has been neatly rounded off and might come in handy. Kodak has also left out the lowest resolution that is still common in other brands - this producer is going for quality rather than quality. Of course, it is still nice to be able to save more than 400 shots in a decent resolution with a 256MB memory card. It’s fun to compare this to the equivalent miniature film format: 11.5 x 36 exposure films!

Kodak EasyShare Z650 - 2" LCD display
The Kodak Z650 digital camera is equipped with a 2 inch LCD display that gives a fresh, clear picture. The viewfinder is a so-called EFV (electronic viewfinder) that is actually a miniature LCD display. Users must choose between the LCD display at the rear of the Kodak Z650 camera, or the EVF on top because it is not possible to use them both simultaneously.

Kodak Z650 digital camera - Built-in flash
The Kodak Z650’s built in flash is certainly not large, and it can generally not be seen when closed. The flash routinely works in the A Setting, but can be set however you choose: auto, auxiliary, red-eye, and of course, off. The flash’s range is more than enough for normal use: the wide-angle setting is 60 cm to almost 5 meters and the tele setting runs from 2 meters to almost 4 metres. It gives very good results.

Kodak EasyShare Z650 - Focus modes & Aperture
The focussing system has various modes. Of course there are the different auto modes as well as multi-zone and centre-spot modes. The shutter speed varies from 1/8 to 1/1700. The ISO settings are set automatically at 80 - 160. There is also a choice of settings from 60 to 800 ISO, the latter only in the 1.7MP (1496 x 1122 pixels) resolution. The aperture runs from f/2.8 to f/8 in seven steps and allows many possible combinations. Once more, you can set everything yourself. Via the P/A/S/M mode you can adjust the Program, Aperture priority, Shutter speed and Manual mode.

Kodak Z650 - Fixed program & Scene modes
As well as the fixed program modes like Auto, Portrait, Sport, etc, there are 14 other Scene modes to choose from. This in addition to the previously mentioned Manual mode is clear proof that the Kodak EasyShare Z650 offers its users a host of possibilities. The self timer can be set in 2 or 10 seconds and you can choose to take 2 pictures in this setting.

Kodak EasyShare Z650 - Internal memory
Internally, the Kodak Z650 has a storage capacity of 32MB, 28MB of which is available for saving pictures. It is advisable to buy an extra memory card. For communication with the computer you use a USB 2.0 connection. For the Video output you can choose between NTSC or PAL, and the Kodak EasyShare Z650 is also equipped with PictBridge support, a global standard in printing and exchanging recorded information between compatible cameras, printers etc. Naturally, this is in addition to the Share Program for sharing and processing recordings.

Kodak EasyShare Z650 review
We tried out the Kodak EasyShare Z650 for a while. The camera's specifications promise a lot; a 10x optical zoom lens with a range of 38 - 380 mm (equivalent to a 35 mm camera) and a resolution of 6 Megapixels. The review of the Kodak EasyShare Z650 gives a picture of its possibilities and how it works in practice. Just how our judgement turned out can be read in the following Kodak EasyShare Z650 digital camera review.

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Kodak EasyShare Z650 | Digital Camera

  Kodak EasyShare Z650
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