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Kodak EasyShare P880 Camera review | Storage and Energy
In a compact digital camera like the Kodak P880 the Secure Digital flash card is the ideal storage device. It is available in high capacity and high speed as well. Besides the Secure Digital card is practically available everywhere. The Secure Digital card has become the standard storage device in the world of digital cameras. Particularly compact digital cameras, except for Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony, are virtually all equipped with a Secure Digital card slot. Currently it is possible to use a Secure Digital card with a maximum of 2GB. 4GB and up are not automatically supported by most digital cameras.
Kodak EasyShare P880 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare P880 | Digital Camera
Kodak P880 - Secure Digital memory card
Thanks to a reasonable buffer you can continue taking photos in JPEG quickly and you rarely have to wait. A complete different story when it comes to RAW and definitely when it comes to TIFF format. These files need so much space: the buffer is full very fast. With 8 Megapixels the Kodak EasyShare P880 camera produces big files. Therefore a 1GB flash memory card is definitely recommended if you go on the road. The next table states how many images a 1GB Secure Digital can store.

Considering 1GB of storage capacity:
RAW - 3264x2448 pixels - 16MB - 72 images
TIFF - 3264x2448 pixels - 23MB - 44 images
TIFF - 3264x2176 pixels - 20MB - 50 images
TIFF - 2560x1920 pixels - 14MB - 72 images
TIFF - 2048x1536 pixels - 9MB - 112 images
TIFF - 1024x768 pixels - 2MB - 444 images
JPEG - fine - 3264x2448 pixels - 5.5MB - 188 images
JPEG - standard - 3264x2448 pixels - 3.1MB - 330 images
JPEG - basic - 3264x2448 pixels - 2MB - 518 images
JPEG - fine - 3264x2176 pixels - 3.3MB - 310 images
JPEG - standard - 3264x2176 pixels - 2.8MB - 370 images
JPEG - basic - 3264x2176 pixels - 1.8MB - 580 images
JPEG - fine - 2560x1920 pixels - 3.4MB - 304 images
JPEG - standard - 2560x1920 pixels - 1.9MB - 530 images
JPEG - basic - 2560x1920 pixels - 1.2MB - 826 images
JPEG - fine - 2048x1536 pixels - 2.2MB - 470 images
JPEG - standard - 2048x1536 pixels - 1.2MB - 804 images
JPEG - basic - 2048x1536 pixels - 0.8MB - 1260 images
JPEG - fine - 1024x768 pixels - 0.5MB - 1748 images
JPEG - standard - 1024x768 pixels - 0.3MB - 2880 images
JPEG - basic - 1024x768 pixels - 0.2MB - 4180 images
Video - 640x480 - 7 min 20 sec
Video - 320x240 - 28 min 56 sec
Kodak EasyShare P880 - 32MB internal memory
The Kodak EasyShare P880 also has an internal memory of 32MB to save data. This is by far not sufficient to use effectively. At best it can be utilized as a spare memory. Still a standard internal memory is preferable over an external memory card of 32MB. It’s always useful to have some extra internal memory space as a back up.

Kodak P880 - 1800mAh Lithium Ion battery
The power supply is provided by an 1800mAh Li-ion battery, which is located in the handgrip of the camera. To recharge the battery you can use the included battery charger but it is also possible to recharge via an optional camera dock of the EasyShare system. The monitor and the electronic viewfinder are highly energy demanding. Yet, the battery runs for as long as 300 pictures per load, which is long enough. For the fanatic photographer, who likes to take more pictures during holidays for example when there is little occasion to recharge the battery, it is recommended to purchase a second battery. Generally energy management is one thing Kodak neatly have in control.
Kodak EasyShare P880 Kodak EasyShare P880
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