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Kodak EasyShare P880 Camera review | Control
Kodak EasyShare P880’s dilemma of being versatile like a DSRL and at the same time as compact as possible is noticeable in the operation of the camera. Once you know to find your way on the Kodak P880, the camera is user friendly, but it all is a tight case. However, all this is at the expense of the ergonomics of the camera and user friendliness. The operations are just not intuitively enough; the user needs a training time, which we don’t often see anymore nowadays.
Kodak EasyShare P880 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare P880 | Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare P880 camera - Handgrip
Kodak EasyShare P880’s handle is nicely and conveniently deep-cut for a solid grip. Only, its location is too close to the lens and this can be a little inconvenient. Especially when it comes to zooming it certainly leads to difficulties; your hands simply will get stuck. A few millimetres more space would have been a world of difference. The camera balance seems to be okay. The Kodak P880 doesn’t weigh much but still enough to benefits the camera’s stability.

Kodak EasyShare P880 - Program mode
Around the shutter release button lays the power switch. In my opinion it switches on too easily which can turn on the camera unwanted for example when put in a bag. Although the Kodak EasyShare P880 dozes off again after a while, it is still a waste of battery. The start up time of the Kodak takes about one to two seconds, an acceptable time but this does not make it a speed devil either. While turning on the camera, the display at the back of the camera shows which program mode the camera is in. This is convenient because the program choice wheel changes position very easily. One thing one has to get used to is the position indication that is instinctively located at the wrong side.

Kodak P880 - Kreuznach Schneider lens
Zooming goes outstandingly thanks to the zoom ring around the Kreuznach Schneider lens. It works lots better and accurately than pressing a button. The manual focus is executed by a similar manoeuvre: a good solution. When focussing manually, a part of the image is enlarged in order to focus quite accurately. Two little flaws are the weak resistance and the cheap feel of the focus ring on the Kodak EasyShare P880. It appears that the ideas for a solution are already there but not quite well executed yet, so working with the focus ring is not optimally pleasing yet.
Fortunately Kodak has an auto focus, which works relatively fast. A suggestion is, in case the camera is still provided with an older firmware, the upgrade (1.02) gives it a focus speed boost. Besides speed, accuracy of the focus is at least as important. The Kodak EasyShare P880 is accurate with its focus ring; on this we have no remarks.

Kodak EasyShare P880 - 16 buttons
Because of the diversity of buttons (16) on the camera you don’t need to be in the menu to change the settings. On the one hand this is a positive case but the flip side is the great number of buttons, which are spread around over the camera. This can be a little confusing if you to try to find the right button on the right spot. On this subject there is a higher study threshold; in my opinion higher than should be necessary. The buttons themselves are, just like the camera itself, quite small. Nevertheless they function very well. Very functional is the programmable button, which you can give your favourite function. Actually you need another button like that. Kodak could improve the next generation EasyShare P-camera’s by equipping them with multifunctional buttons.

Kodak P880 - LCD display & Viewfinder
The Kodak EasyShare P880 is equipped with a monitor in the viewfinder as well as at the rear of the camera. The 2.5 inch format offers you a comfortable big screen. In normal exposure as well as in-house, the display is very clearly perceptible. In situations with much daylight the results are disappointing. The electronic viewfinder does not offer comfort, whereas under normal circumstances this electronic viewfinder is preferred rather than the monitor on top of the camera. In practice I took pictures with the viewfinder. This would have happened only occasionally if the monitor had been of better quality. The format is pleasant to work with. Viewing the images goes well, although in bright daylight it takes a bit more effort.
Kodak EasyShare P880 Kodak EasyShare P880
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