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Kodak EasyShare P880 Camera review | Camera
Everybody has their own taste, but the Kodak P880 can hardly be called an attractive camera. Its design is practically not comparable to the camera that we are used to. Especially when you get your hands on this camera for the first time, it looks quite odd. The Kodak EasyShare P880 is a very small camera that looks like a SLR camera, which is washed too hot in the washing machine.
Kodak EasyShare P880 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare P880 | Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare P880 - Lens
The front of the camera is characterized by the relative big lens with a focal range comparable to a 24 - 140 mm (35mm equivalent): a very pleasing range, which can be utilized broadly. The size suggests that it is a bright lens with a large aperture of 2.4 to 4.1, which is reasonable but not exceptional. Around the lenses are two rings. The one that is most at the front is meant for zooming, exactly as is usually the case in a D-SLR. Behind this ring is the second ring to focus when the camera is in manual mode. This ring feels very feeble though. Above the lens we see the sensor for the auto focus, which means one out of two AF-systems known by the Kodak P880. Besides the viewfinder there is an AF illuminator for the auto focus.

Kodak P880 - PC-contact for external flash
At the right side of the camera, under the lid for the camera belt, we find the PC-contact for an external flash. For a consumer-purposed camera like the Kodak P880 this is exceptional. Here studio flashes, but also an old flash like the Metz CT-45, can be connected. Underneath that there is a loudspeaker and all the way on the bottom, behind a rubber lid, we can find the contact for video out and external battery. The camera’s left side only lodge the door for the Secure Digital memory card.

Kodak EasyShare P880 - Zoom, focus and flash
On the left top of the camera we find a button for digital zoom and cropping. Below is a button for several focus possibilities. On top of the viewfinder there is an ordinary flash shoe for an external flash. This is where the built-in flash is located. Simply lifting it activates the flash. The mode dial with programs is located at the right hand side of the viewfinder, and just next to it are the microphones for sound recording.
The sequence (fps) can be controlled by means of the Drive button. Slightly above is a programmable button with which white balance is controllable. On the small handgrip we find the main button, which in my opinion is switched on too easy unfortunately. Pay attention when you carry the camera in your bag as the power switch is turned on unnoticed!

Kodak P880 - LCD screen & Electronic viewfinder
The backside is without doubt the user’s most seen part of the camera. Fortunately, we find a nice big sized 2.5 inch LCD screen with an electronic viewfinder on top including a dioptre setting. At the left top there is a button to switch between viewfinder and monitor. However it is not possible to view both displays simultaneously. The joystick functions as an OK-button if you press in the middle. Beneath the joystick there is the menu button, the trashcan and the essential Share button for the EasyShare system. Above the joystick we find the button to review the pictures. All the way on the top we find the information button and the command wheel with below the Set button and the exposure- and auto focus lock. So, there are more than enough buttons that each has their own function. Although it takes a while to find the right button, it sure works well.

Kodak EasyShare P880 - Tripod connection
A tripod connection cannot be lacking and it goes without saying that it is located at the bottom of the camera. Despite located of centred; it still keeps the camera balanced quite well. Besides it enables you to change the battery without having to move the camera from the tripod. The connection for the EasyShare printer- en camera docks is situated at the centre of the bottom. In the handgrip we find the battery lid.
Kodak EasyShare P880 Kodak EasyShare P880
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