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Canon Digital IXUS 65 Camera review | Conclusion
Canon Digital IXUS 65 digital camera
Canon has unleashed a revolution with the Digital IXUS series of cameras. It began with APS, and after several years in digital form. The concept has been copied many times, but never equalled. Canon is continuing on the road to success with the Canon Digital IXUS 65. It is not just one of the most attractive digital compact cameras currently on the market; it is also an excellent digital camera.

Canon IXUS 65 - Great picture quality
The Canon IXUS 65 camera takes great pictures that look very natural. You can unpack it and get to work immediately. I changed very little when I was testing it, just because everything was so good already. Accurate colour reproduction, good exposure and the right auto focus makes it easy to take beautiful pictures. This is also helped by the camera’s simple and pleasant to use operation.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 - ISO 800
With its history in the back of my mind, I was sceptical at first about the possibilities of using ISO 800 in a compact camera. These models quickly show a great deal of noise ratio. The Canon IXUS 65 has broken this trend completely. ISO 800 shots can be used easily and the Canon IXUS 65 performs exceptionally well up to ISO 400. To counter this, resolution has been restricted to 6 Megapixels, but this is better than bad pixels. Canon has listened to years of complaints and requests from the consumer and shifted the focus from Megapixel to the quality of the pixel.

Canon IXUS 65 camera - 3" LCD screen
A large LCD screen with a diameter of 3 inches is very nice to work with, especially if the quality is as good as that of the Canon Digital IXUS 65. You can still see the screen in the most diverse circumstances. I’m also very satisfied with the Touch Control Dial. It works very well and because you can see everything on the LCD, it gives you the unique opportunity to make adjustments even when it is pitch dark.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 - Recommended!
All in all, the exquisite Canon IXUS 65 leaves little room for complaint. Maybe the battery could be a bit longer lasting and a little more zoom would also be welcome. But that’s all. I can’t help being positive about this camera. It’s a must and not just for the trend setters in our midst!

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Canon Digital IXUS 65 | Digital Camera


Canon Digital IXUS 65
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