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Canon Digital IXUS 65 Camera review | Adjustments
Probably most users of the Canon Digital IXUS 65 will only use the automatic setting and will seldom use the menu or change anything. It's a plus that it is still possible to make the necessary adjustments if you want to control the image yourself. The Canon IXUS 65 does not have many options for this, but more than enough for a camera in this class. The Canon IXUS 65 has a number of options that the direct competition does not have. For example, the sensitivity ranges to ISO 800 and My Colors gives users a fun toy with which to manipulate the picture in the camera.
Canon Digital IXUS 65 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 65 | Digital Camera
Canon Digital IXUS 65 - Macro 30 - 50cm
The Canon IXIS 65 can focus from 30 cm, both in wide-angle and tele setting as a standard feature. This would be more than enough for most subjects and with 30 cm you are already very close to the subject. For a portrait this is even dangerously close as it easy to end up making your subject’s face look worn. With macro, you can focus in the tele setting between 30 and 50 cm. This is a nice range and you will get a good enhancement. If you use your wide-angle, you can even focus from 3 cm, measured from the front of the subject. This is very close and will also please macro fans. You will have to take a rather large optical distortion into account, something that you have to watch out for in close-up shots.

Canon IXUS 65 digital camera - M-setting
The Canon Digital IXUS 65 has a so-called M-setting, but don’t be fooled by the M. You cannot set the aperture or shutter speed yourself. However, the M-setting does give you other options. For example, you can adjust the white balance and shooting modes corrections, as well as being able to use My Colors. You can use this to replace one colour with another one. With a few clicks, you can turn a green jumper red. You can also use My Color to adjust colour accents, for example to make more or if you wish, less saturated portraits. You can also choose between black and white and sepia - it is just like choosing a different type of film. It is a little confusing that you can set the contrast, focus and saturation with a custom setting in My Colors. You need to know exactly where to find it.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 - ISO settings
In the last series, Canon broke the trend of increasing the number of Mega pixels. Instead, the user gets better quality and more possibilities, something we approve of wholeheartedly. The Canon Digital IXUS 65 can also take photos at ISO 800. The advantage of such a high sensitivity is that you can work with shorter times and if the surroundings are very dark, the background still has some richness of detail. The shorter shutter speed decreases the risk of movement blur, one of the most important defects in photographs.
Of course, a picture taken with high sensitivity still has to work and this is where Canon display their mastery. The DIGIC II processor transforms the data into attractive pictures. ISO 400 has scarcely any problems with noise, but this is visible at ISO 800. It is still better than many competitors at a lower ISO value. ISO 800 can be used without problems, especially if you don’t print in a very large format.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 - White balance
There is not much to say about the picture quality. It is a good idea to set the white balance carefully in artificial light, or to make your own white balance. Of course, you must not forget to undo this if the circumstances change. The Canon Digital IXUS 65 can only record in JPEG format whereby a faulty white balance can soon turn out to be a disaster. The colour reproduction is attractive and the exposure is fine. As well as multi segment metering, the Canon IXUS 65 also has centre weight metering and spot metering. I really wonder if the average user would know how to use spot metering.

Canon IXUS 65 - Picture quality & Distortion
Focus is good in the entire picture and the distortion is also not bad. Of course, you can see barrel distortion in the wide-angle setting, but it remains within the boundaries. There are three options for compression, the middle one already gives a very good picture. It scarcely differs from Super Fine and differences can't even be seen by the unpractised eye.

Canon IXUS 65 camera - Underwater setting
Of course, the Canon IXUS 65 has several pre-programmed exposure programs. It also has an underwater setting, but then you will need to put the camera in an underwater case because it is certainly not waterproof. I noticed that many consumers really use the pictograms. Experienced photographers tend to sneer at this manner of taking a picture. Actually this is not justified: they are a good prop for anyone who just wants to take a photo and doesn’t want to be bothered with all sorts of photographic settings.
Canon Digital IXUS 65 Canon Digital IXUS 65
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