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Canon Digital IXUS 65 Camera review | Camera
No matter how often its design has been copied, the Canon Digital IXUS range still towers above its competitors. The Canon IXUS 65, an exceptionally attractive camera to look at, is no exception. You could buy it for its good looks alone, even though that would be going a bit far. The main purpose of a camera is, after all, to take photographs.
Canon Digital IXUS 65 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 65 | Digital Camera
Canon IXUS 65 camera - Lens
The Canon IXUS 65 looks particularly attractive from the front. The polished silver gives the camera allure. Naturally, the 5.8-17.4 f/2.8 - f4.9 Canon lens takes centre stage. The range corresponds to 35 - 105 mm in 35mm format. It is a nice small lens that can come and position itself very quickly. Around the lens is the typical designer's ring, characteristic of the IXUS series, in which a microphone has been placed. The little LED above the ring acts as an assistance illuminator for the auto focus and red eye reduction and as a light for the self timer. The flash is above right and all in all, the front looks attractive and streamlined.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 camera - A/V & USB connections
On the left hand side, there are interfaces for the A/V and USB connections, neatly concealed behind a rubber. Underneath is a metal eye that can be used either for a wrist band or, if you want to be trendy, for hanging the Canon IXUS 65 around your neck. Underneath the camera is a plastic universal tripod connection and the door to the battery and the Secure Digital memory card. There is also an interface for an AC adapter in the door that is sealed with a plastic flap when not in use.

Canon IXUS 65 camera - Swtich
The main switch is in the middle of the top of the Canon Digital IXUS 65 camera. To the left is the switch for the record setting and playing back the images. On the far right is a clearly visible shutter release surrounded by the zoom switch. Finally, a small speaker has been integrated into the casing. The top side is easy to oversee and has a streamlined design.
Canon Digital IXUS 65 - Touch Control Dial
This also applies to the back of the camera. The first thing you notice is the really large screen; there is hardly any room for the buttons. Canon has found a clever solution to this with the Touch Control Dial. You can set the sensitivity, flash setting, record speed, self timer and the macro and landscape settings with this dial. Canon fans will find the well known FUNC button in the middle of the Touch Control Dial, which you can use to get to the most important settings quickly. You may have to search a bit in the beginning, but once you have learnt your way around a quick review button and the functions concealed behind it you won't want anything else. The indispensable Direct Print and Share buttons are above the Touch Control Dial. If you connect the Canon IXUS 65 to a computer or mobile printer, such as the Canon SELPHY, you can send photos directly. The LED on the bottom left of the click wheel indicates if writing or reading is taking place on the memory card, if the digital camera is ready to take a shot or if there is a risk of blurring caused by movement. Finally, there is the menu button and a button to switch between the various screen reproductions.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 - Metal case
There are not many buttons to contend with, which makes everything easier to oversee. The most important functions are easy to approach. Canon Digital IXUS 65 is not just attractive; it also feels good when you hold it. Thanks to the metal casing, this camera feels sturdy and you can take it everywhere with you. However, it does scratch easily as does the beautiful 3 inch screen. It would be wise to buy a case to keep the Canon IXUS 65 in if you want to keep the camera in your bag or pocket. After all, you will want to keep a showpiece like this in top condition for as long as possible.
Canon Digital IXUS 65 Canon Digital IXUS 65
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