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Canon Digital IXUS 65 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon Digital IXUS 65 digital camera review : If you can judge the worth of a concept by the times it is copied, then Canon's IXUS series is a definite success. Many digital cameras currently on the market bear a lot of similarities to the Canon Digital IXUS digital camera. This is quite logical as Canon has achieved a perfect combination of design and functionality in this series. The latest top model, the Canon IXUS 65 has brought Canon one step closer to perfection.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 - 6 Megapixels
The Canon IXUS 65 first grabs your attention because of something it doesn't have: many pixels. The Canon IXUS 65 only has six, less than many of its competitors. The Japanese giant made this choice deliberately, going for better instead of more pixels: quality above quantity. The Canon IXUS 65 has several remarkable features such as the sensitivity, which has been increased to ISO 800, a welcome feature in a compact digital camera.

Canon IXUS 65 - Touch Control Dial
The Canon IXUS 65 also has a larger screen, which is a comfortable three inches. This is not unique - indeed it is becoming more common - but it is still great to work with. Another new feature of the Canon IXUS 65 is the so-called Touch Control Dial, that is a bit like the click wheel that we know from the Apple iPod. It is a new approach to functions. It is not the usual button, but reacts to touch. An icon appears on the screen, so that you can still see what you are doing, even in poor light.

Canon IXUS 65 camera - LCD screen
The large screen allowed Canon to add a new checking mechanism; you can see a new photo plus an enlargement on the LCD screen simultaneously. The user can choose which part to enlarge. You can choose between the various AF-points or any other random point. It is a good way to check the sharpness beforehand.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 - Wide screen shots
Wide screen shots are becoming more popular. This is partially due to the growth in flat wide screen televisions. There is no real panorama setting on the Canon IXUS 65, but a wide screen setting in a ratio of 16:9, so it is HDTV.

Canon IXUS 65 - Triple optical zoom
The triple optical zoom with a range that corresponds to 35-105mm (comparable to a small screen 35mm camera) is still the same and is a good range for most applications. The resolution has also not changed; the Canon IXUS 65 has the same six mega pixel sensor as its predecessor. It goes without saying that the signal has been converted by the DIGIC II processor that is also a feature of Canon's professional models.

Canon Digital IXUS 65 review
The Canon IXUS 65 digital camera has everything it needs to become a big success. The first reactions from consumers have all been positive and it seems that the camera has already become a big sales hit for Canon. We were able to try out the Canon IXUS 65 camera for a longer period and the results can be seen in the following Canon Digital IXUS 65 digital camera review.

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Canon Digital IXUS 65 | Digital Camera

  Canon Digital IXUS 65
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