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Canon Powershot S3 IS Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Secure Digital memory card has risen to the status of a generally accepted asset for digital compact cameras, among which the Canon PowerShot S3 IS. A logical move, especially considering the fact that, in addition to the card's compact size, it is also available in various capacities and speeds. Manufacturers like SanDisk invest a considerable amount of time and effort into expanding the possibilities and options of Secure Digital. A deviating feature of the Canon PowerShot S3 IS is its power supply. Whereas most cameras use a Lithium Ion battery, the Canon S3 IS works with standard AA batteries.
Canon Powershot S3 IS | Digital Camera Canon Powershot S3 IS | Digital Camera
SanDisk Extreme III SD memory card
The SD memory card is placed behind the door that can be found in the handgrip of the Canon PowerShot S3 IS. Upon opening the door, the camera is immediately deactivated. This means a certain amount of caution is required; if you do not wait until all photos have been written onto the card, you are sure to lose one or even several of your images. We would also recommend using a slightly faster card, such as the SanDisk Ultra II, or for the speed freaks, a SanDisk Extreme III card. This really does make a difference in the speed with which the images are stored, as well as enable faster sequential shooting. In addition, these types of cards take less time to copy to the computer's hard drive.

512MB Secure Digital memory card
Canon supply the Canon PowerShot S3 IS with a 16MB card, which, if truth be told, isn't much use, and therefore best left in the box. It is advisable to purchase a 256MB or 512MB card, so that you are at least able to capture your images. The following table shows the amount of images that can be taken in combination with a 512MB Secure Digital memory card.

Considering 512MB of storage capacity:
Resolution L Large - Super fine - 2816x2112 - 2720kB - 176 images
Resolution L Large - Fine - 2816x2112 pixels - 1620kB - 292 images
Resolution L Large - Normal - 2816x2112 pixels - 780kB - 603 images
Resolution M1 Normal 1 - Super fine - 2272x1704 - 2002kB - 237 images
Resolution M1 Normal 1 - Fine - 2272x1704 - 1116kB - 425 images
Resolution M1 Normal 1 - Normal - 2272x1704 - 556kB - 839 images
Resolution M2 Normal 2 - Super fine - 1600x1200 - 1002kB - 471 images
Resolution M2 Normal 2 - Fine - 1600x1200 pixels - 558kB - 839 images
Resolution M2 Normal 2 - Normal - 1600x1200 - 278kB - 1590 images
Resolution S Small - Super fine - 640x480 pixels - 249kB - 1777 images
Resolution S Small - Fine - 640x480 pixels - 150KB - 2747 images
Resolution S Small - Normal - 640x480 pixels - 84KB - 4317 images
Resolution W Wide-angle - Super fine - 2816x1584 - 2026kB - 235
Resolution W Wide-angle - Fine - 2816x1584 - 1210kB - 392 images
Resolution W Wide-angle - Normal - 2816x1584 - 585kB - 794 images

Video resolution - 640x480 pixels - 30fps - 4 min 9 sec
Video resolution - 640x480 pixels - 15fps - 8 min 14 sec
Video resolution - 320x240 pixels - 60fps - 5 min 59 sec
Video resolution - 320x240 pixels - 30fps - 11 min 42 sec
Video resolution - 320x240 pixels - 15fps - 22 min 53 sec
Canon PowerShot S3 IS - JPEG format
All photos are stored in the well-known JPEG format, which is likely to suffice for most photographers, and won't present them any problems. It is the experienced photographer, however, that will miss the presence of RAW, which offers significantly more correction possibilities. RAW would indeed be a welcome addition, especially as the Canon PowerShot S3 IS is a digital camera that allows the user to develop and broaden his photographic skills and abilities.

Canon S3 IS - USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection
The fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection enables you to copy the photos and video clips rapidly to the computer via the supplied USB cable. It should be said this does cost power, and it is therefore wiser to opt for a separate card reader. These can be purchased virtually everywhere at low cost. Make sure, however, that you are using a fast card reader with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection.

Canon PowerShot S3 IS - Four NiMH batteries
It is indeed quite remarkable that the Canon PowerShot S3 IS uses AA batteries. These are generally not known for their long lifespan. However, Canon manage to squeeze an impressive amount of over 300 photos from the regular alkaline batteries. Furthermore, let us point out that this amount is achieved with the LCD monitor on and in use, a performance of rare excellence! From an environmental point of view, however, it would be better to work with NiMH batteries instead of alkaline. These NiMH batteries would in fact last even longer. Canon would undoubtedly benefit from supplying a charger with four NiMH batteries. Fortunately, these are now available at fairly reasonable prices. And, if you find yourself in an unexpected situation with empty batteries, you can simply pop by your local gas station to buy an extra set of alkaline batteries.
Canon Powershot S3 IS Canon Powershot S3 IS
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