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Fujifilm FinePix F700 Camera review | Storage and Energy
It's not a surprise anymore that Fujifilm has equipped the FinePix F700 with a memory slot for the xD-Picture memory card. The complete line of Fujifilm digital cameras supports this rather new storage medium. Fujifilm is not the only one to choose this small size memory card. Olympus has also equipped her complete assortment of digital cameras with an xD-Picture card. So far only Fujifilm was shipping the xD-Picture cards under their own brand name but in November it was announced that also SanDisk will start manufacturing the xD-Picture cards under the name of Fujifilm. This is a clear signal that the xD-Picture card is accepted very fast by the industry.
Fujifilm FinePix F700 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix F700 | Digital Camera
The features of the xD-Picture Card are: ultra compact, feather light and a large storage capacity. The xD-Picture Card with a capacity of 512MB was introduced a short while ago, while successively the 1GB and 2GB xD-Picture cards are planned for the coming period. Eventually the storage capacity will grow to an impressive 8GB!

The Fujifilm FinePix F700 is delivered standard with a 16MB memory card and to be honest this is a bit poor. Certainly a digital camera with great potential like the FinePix F700 needs a capacity of a minimum of 128 to 256MB to be able to function well. But then, the 16MB can be used to test the camera or to use as a reserve card.

Considering the 16MB storage capacity:
Resolution 6M (2832x2128): 10 images - appr. 1.5MB
Resolution 3M (2048x1536): 19 images - appr. 780KB
Resolution 2M (1600x1200): 25 images - appr. 620KB
Resolution 1M (1280x960) : 33 images - appr. 460KB
Resolution 640x480 30fps video - appr. 13 seconds
Resolution 329x240 30fps video - appr. 26 seconds

When a CCD-RAW format is stored the data will be 12.9MB. These data can be read through the included FinePix Viewer software. The RAW file converter converts the raw data into TIFF files.
The FinePix F700 uses a Lithium-Ion NP-40 battery. This small rechargeable battery can be recharged in the camera through the standard delivered docking station (Picture cradle). If you use the LCD monitor on a regular base you will probably need a second battery when photographing a lot. Also in situations like a holiday, when it is not always possible to charge the battery everyday, it might be wise to buy a second battery. It takes about 2 hours in the docking station to fully charge the battery.

I have made appr. 145 images with one full battery, not using the flash on each and every one of them. When not using the LCD monitor an amount of 250 images can be realised. Because of the high quality of the monitor and the convenience of it, most users use it so the amount of 145 images can be called realistic.

One small word of criticism concerning the battery compartment, it already happened to me a few times that I put the battery into the compartment the wrong way around, placed the camera in the docking station and because of being in a hurry I didn't check the little light to see if it was lit up to show that the battery was recharging and only to find out hours later that it is not recharging! It ought to be possible to think of a construction in which the battery only fits in the compartment in one way?
Fujifilm FinePix F700 Fujifilm FinePix F700
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