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Fujifilm FinePix F700 Camera review | Control
The FinePix F700 is a camera that has an unexpected but very welcoming element to it which is: speed. The start-up time for the camera is very fast comparing to the average digital camera. Appr. 1.5 seconds after activating the camera it is ready to shoot! Also zooming from wide angle to tele range happens really fast. The accuracy for setting a certain zoom range in 8 steps is an average, it could be more accurate. The often mentioned interval of release is hardly noticeable on the FinePix F700. There is still some interval of release but it is such a small time span that you can’t really speak of interval anymore, it is just a time span needed to focus. The FinePix F700 is a lot quicker than the average camera, it is not a question of 1 second or longer before focusing the object, but 0.3 to 0.6 seconds, depending on the way of focusing (Continue AF, single AF or manual focus).

Beside the fast reactions of the camera concerning the start-up and the focusing, two important subjects, the camera is also surprisingly fast in taking series of images, in continuous shooting mode. Take in account the fact that the standard delivered 16MB xD-Picture Card is slower than a 64MB or higher xD-Picture Card. By the way, I can’t imagine someone seriously wanting to use the FinePix F700 with a 16MB xD-Picture Card. The Fujifilm FinePix F700 is capable of shooting 4 images per second in the highest resolution with a maximum of 5 images. Lowering the resolution to 1280x960, an image rate of 1.8 images per second is reached, with a maximum of 40 images! The Fujifilm FinePix F700 is a true racing monster concerning storage of images and focusing!
Fujifilm FinePix F700 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix F700 | Digital Camera
To be able to operate the FinePix F700 you don’t need a crash course digital photography. The operation speaks for itself. The on/off button is also the button that decides whether you want to show or record images, the jog wheel is an old acquaintance from the traditional photography, but is also very well organized to facilitate things for a starter and in my opinion the menu of the camera is to the point. Personally I really like the way Fujifilm is showing the menu. The use of bright colours and clearly readable symbols make it easy to maneuver through the menu. It is good to see that this model of Fujifilm also features the handy F-button. This so-called Photo-Function button gives direct access to typical photo features. For a camera with enhanced settings it is an easy to handle camera which won’t frighten anyone! Inserting the battery and the memory card speaks for itself. Recharging the battery through the docking station is no problem and getting to know the camera after activating it will be a good experience. Viewing the ergonomic side of the camera Fujifilm has done a great job! And one who can’t resist having a look at the instructions will find out they have the same user friendliness as the camera itself. The functions are provided with illustrations and a very clear explanation, quite a performance!
Fujifilm FinePix F700 Fujifilm FinePix F700
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