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Fujifilm FinePix F700 Camera review | Camera
The FinePix F700 is a digital camera from the stable of Fujifilm and has its own specific features. The camera has a beautiful appearance and looks like a serious camera so there are already some expectations. At the first acquaintance with the camera a few things strike me. The compact size, an advantage for the user that has users convenience high on the list, and a solid and stylish finishing touch. The convenience of being able to carry the digital camera around with you easily, is an often heard wish. A second aspect of the FinePix F700 is the friendly design of the camera, with which I mean the following: the camera doesn't frighten off a starting photographer. The amount of buttons is restricted and the whole operating panel on the back of the camera has a quiet design.
Fujifilm FinePix F700 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix F700 | Digital Camera
Beside the compact size and the well-organised layout the camera offers extensive possibilities for settings among other things: a full automatic setting, diaphragm and pre-set shutter time or complete manual operation. There are more than enough possibilities for the starting as well as the advanced amateur to put all the creativity that they want in photographing with this camera. And with the important application of the Super CCD technique the FinePix F700 puts itself in the spotlight. To be able to store the high resolution of 6.2 Megapixels the compact xD-Picture memory card is used.

The material used on the fine body consists mainly of aluminium. Holding the camera in your hand it feels solid and firm. The dimensions of the camera are 108x54x28mm (incl. battery and memory card) and do not hinder you to always take the camera with you wherever you go for business or pleasure. The front of the camera has a brushed aluminium surface which gives it a beautiful appearance. In the centre of the front the 3x optical zoom is placed. Next to the optical zoom lens we find a small button which contains the Continue AF function. The internal Flash is placed on the right side at the front. Quite a logical spot, though the 'warning' edge is missing and it is quite possible to put a finger unwillingly in front of the internal flash, for example when taking a vertical picture. On the left side there is a small edge that prevents unwilling coverage of the flash sensor. Right in the middle above the optical lens the AF assistant illuminator and a self timer led is placed and next to it the optical viewfinder.

The side of the camera has room for a combined interface, serving as a USB, A/V out and docking station connection. Underneath that we find the connection for the A/C power. The other side of the camera has a little eye to connect the carrier strap. The bottom of the FinePix F700 features the universal metal tripod opening placed right in the corner. Look out when using the mini tripod because of the balance of the camera. On the other hand changing the memory card or battery is very easy when the camera is placed on the tripod.
The top of the camera and the back are reserved for the main part of the buttons. The by now well-known handy mode dial is placed on the top of the camera, with on its right the shutter release button and the play/record/off button. Most left an inconspicuous button can be found to activate a very impressive setting of continuous shooting. The back of the camera features a 1.8-inch LCD monitor with a high resolution of 134.000 pixels. On the left side of the monitor we find 3 buttons and on the right 6, so a total of only 9 buttons. Actually, there are 8, but the zoom button is divided in two buttons so I also count that one.

Like I said earlier on, the first acquaintance with the FinePix F700 can be called friendly. You are not taken by surprise with an overload of all the trimmings, the cameras’ appearance is quiet, the placement of the buttons leads directly to a result.

The FinePix F700 is standard delivered with a so-called docking station or Picture Cradle. When the camera is placed in this station and the A/C power is connected as well as a USB cable, there is a direct connection between the camera and the electric mains. Placing the camera in the connected Picture Cradle the battery will be recharged. Uploading from the film and/of video recordings can be done by just pushing the button once, handy!
Fujifilm FinePix F700 Fujifilm FinePix F700
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