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Kodak EasyShare V570 Camera review | Control
As far as operation is concerned, Kodak have quite a reputation to keep up. The EasyShare concept is known for its exceptionally user-friendly way to transport, print and share the digital photos by a single touch of the button. The software is particularly user-friendly and should, in my opinion, be announced as the standard for amateur digital camera software. Consequently, the user interface of the Kodak EasyShare V570 digital camera is as one would expect of a camera from the EasyShare concept.
Kodak EasyShare V570 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V570 | Digital Camera
Kodak V570 - Automatic settings
The Kodak EasyShare V570 features only a minimal amount of buttons, which ensures the camera is kept as simple and well-arranged as possible. The Kodak V570 is, after all, a fully automatic camera; intended to help the user capture an image in the most automatic and effortless way. The camera's menu is of a clear and straightforward design, and shows the selectable options for each separate setting per page. A handy asset is the fact that the camera supports eighteen languages, so that a large group of consumers will be able to read the menu in their native language. The small joystick enables you to navigate swiftly through the settings.

Kodak EasyShare V570 - Wide-angle range
The Kodak V570 is easily operated. It remains unique, however, that a camera aiming at the amateur photographer is equipped with a so-called dual-lens function. This type of wide-angle range is generally not even available for the advanced, that is: more expensive, digital camera. The 3x optical zoom lens has a range of 39 - 117mm, which allows the user to, among other things, capture a perfect portrait. The wide-angle lens is the ultimate lens for the landscape photographer. The difference between the 23mm wide-angle and the 39mm wide-angle of the optical zoom is extremely large and directly visible on the monitor.

Kodak EasyShare V570 camera - Wide-angle lens
The dual-lens is operated via a button. By pressing this button downwards, you are directly using the wide-angle lens, whilst pushing it upwards activates the optical zoom lens. This is displayed on the screen by an indicator. From the wide-angle lens up to the maximum tele mode, the button can be held pressed down and the camera will zoom in with six steps. From tele to wide-angle, the zoom stops at 39mm, and the zoom button must be pressed again to change to the extra wide-angle lens. Overall, this is quite handy to work with, although the degree with which one zooms in could be a little more accurate.
Kodak V570 digital camera - Scènes
Upon activating the camera, the user is all set to go; as the Kodak EasyShare V570 starts up in the auto mode. Those who wish to put their creativity to work can resort to the extensive array of scenes. These scenes, an impressive 21 in fact, can be directly accessed via the SCN button on the top side of the camera. Those who would like the option to set aperture and an entire shutter speed range to their own preference will have to look for another model; the Kodak V570 is a fully automatic camera, although the user does have the choice of several slow shutter speeds.

Kodak EasyShare V570 - Settings
When the camera is in record mode, the Kodak EasyShare V570 shows a variety of settings on the monitor, such as flash setting, type of scene, resolution setting and the amount of images to be captured. By pushing the small joystick upwards once, the information disappears, whilst two times displays a so-called grid, and clicking upwards a third time shows a histogram. A final click offers the standard view, which returns you to the information mentioned first.

Kodak V570 camera - Joystick
Kodak have positioned the play button right beside the monitor. A brief push of the button shows your most recent image on the 2.5 inch format screen. The zoom button enables you to directly enlarge a part of the image up to 8x. The actual part of which you wish to see an enlarged view can be selected by using the small joystick. It is this same joystick that allows you to browse through the images that have been stored on the memory card or the internal memory. An index of the images is shown whenever the small joystick is pushed downwards, whilst pushing it upwards offers additional information; from a histogram to things such as file name, date and time of the recording and the file size.
Kodak EasyShare V570 Kodak EasyShare V570
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