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Kodak EasyShare V570 Camera review | Camera
The Kodak EasyShare V570 continues the tradition of a smoothly designed EasyShare V-series digital camera. This series now consist of 4 digital cameras in total, of which the Kodak V570 is the first dual-lens digital camera. The camera features an exceptionally compact design, and the silver coloured border surrounding the housing makes the Kodak EasyShare V570 look considerably thinner. Upon taking the camera into your hand for the first time, you immediately notice its firmness and solidity. I do have to say, however, that it did not really feel like a camera on first touch, which is mainly caused by the lack of any form of grip on the housing. Its smooth design and clearly present corners make the Kodak V570 a maverick amongst the standard designs of the rivalling manufacturers.
Kodak EasyShare V570 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V570 | Digital Camera
Kodak V570 - Durable housing
The durable housing is a joy to look at. The material used by Kodak feels smooth, yet the camera's design ensures you do not have the feeling it is about to slip from your hands. The camera starts up rapidly, which is made possible by the presence of an internal lens system. This is particularly beneficial to the camera's start-up time; after all, the lens does not need to be positioned. It takes merely one second before you are ready to capture your first image. The Kodak EasyShare V570 is equipped with a 5 Megapixel image sensor per lens, which guarantees sufficient resolution to print at least an A4 format at high quality.

Kodak EasyShare V570 - Dual-lens system
Upon activating the camera, the large round metal lens slide moves sideways, which frees two vertically positioned lenses. We are now looking directly at the dual-lens system. Left of the upper lens, which is the wide-angle, we find a small microphone, with under it, next to the optical zoom, a LED which serves as an indicator for the self-timer, or as AF assistance illuminator. When the lens slide is closed, 5x optical zoom is grandly announced, which is partly true, although it should be said that the "gap" between 23 and 39mm is conveniently skipped. The only thing that remains visible is the ultra thin built-in flash, which is positioned on the right upper side.

Kodak V570 camera - Memory card compartment
When turning the camera to its side, we see the slot for the Secure Digital or MultiMedia memory card hidden behind a plastic lid. This lid is somewhat tricky to open; it needs some prodding with a fingernail, and it has in fact a slightly cheap air to it. It wouldn't hurt for the design department to reassess this particular feature, especially as it casts somewhat of a shadow on the rest of the camera. All the way down the lid we find a connection for the A/C power adapter. By connecting the standard delivered A/C power adapter, the battery can be charged directly from the camera, without the need to place the camera onto the docking station first.
Kodak EasyShare V570 - Battery compartment
The bottom side of the camera features a universal (metal) tripod connection, which is located in the centre of the camera. When the camera is placed on a tripod it is no longer possible to open the compartment for the battery. This compartment needs to be opened right beside the connection. A sliding cover provides access to the Lithium Ion battery. The battery is kept in place by a small security lock, which ensures it will not fall out unexpectedly upon opening the compartment. The connection for the docking station is located just above the tripod connection. By placing the camera onto the station, the battery can be, for instance, re-charged directly, whilst you also have the option to transfer the images to a computer or notebook.

Kodak EasyShare V570 - Release button
The top side of the camera is decorated with a shiny aluminium strip, into which 4 small buttons and the shutter release button are integrated. The buttons lie attractively sunk into the strip and feature bright blue coloured LEDs. The shutter release button has a square shape and is positioned slightly higher. It has a pleasant pressure point and is intuitively covered by the right index finger.

Kodak V570 - LCD monitor & Joystick
The remaining buttons can all be found on the back side of the Kodak EasyShare V570 camera. The monitor is positioned in the centre of the camera, a venturesome move, with a minimal amount of buttons on both the left and right side. The monitor itself has a high resolution of 230.000 pixels. A set of five rigidly designed buttons is positioned on the left side of the display, and serves to, among other things, alter the flash settings and activate the menu. Above it, and in fact barely visible, we find an exceptionally small LED which signals the flash status. Remarkable is the absence of the so-called multi-controller. Instead, Kodak have opted for a small joystick, which enables you to navigate. By pressing the small stick, the desired setting or adjustment is confirmed. The round zoom button is positioned above the small joystick.
Kodak EasyShare V570 Kodak EasyShare V570
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