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Canon Powershot A700 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon PowerShot A700 digital camera review : Early this year, just before the start of the PMA 2006, Canon introduced an entire new series of digital cameras. Most of these new models are now gradually becoming available for digital camera reviews. Such is also the case with the Canon PowerShot A700. This new model is equipped with a 6 Megapixel image sensor, and features the renowned PowerShot A-series design. Six Megapixels seems to have been declared the standard resolution for the amateur photographer. Although the new Canon A700 does not have a predecessor, it greatly resembles the, for instance, Canon PowerShot A530 and 540 models. The Canon PowerShot A700 is the flagship of the current PowerShot A-series digital cameras.

Canon A700 - 6x optical zoom
The compact Canon A700 is one of the new Canon digital cameras that is equipped with a high sensitivity setting of 800 ISO. In addition, the camera features a 6x optical zoom; a true work of art from the design department. Despite the large optical range, 35 - 210mm (equivalent of a 35mm camera), Canon still cling to the optical viewfinder. The LCD monitor has a large size of 2.5 inch, which is becoming increasingly standard on compact digital cameras.

Canon PowerShot A700 digital camera
Canon's PowerShot A digital cameras are known for their first-rate features, which are borrowed from the advanced digital Canon cameras, such as the PowerShot G-series and S-series. As a result, one could say the Canon A700 combines the best of both worlds: refined advanced features and entry-level user-friendliness. The future owner of a Canon PowerShot A700 may expect an extensive functionality, packaged in a small and lightweight housing.

Canon PowerShot A700 - DIGIC II processor
The Canon A700 has an effective resolution of 6 Megapixels, which will, for a large share of consumers, suffice to produce photo-realistic prints. Besides the large optical range, at least for such a compact digital camera, the Canon A700 defines itself with the integration of the powerful DIGIC II processor; which enables the Canon PowerShot A700 to quickly process the images and start up rapidly. Once again, we experience the distinguished, advanced ideas that Canon carry through from professional to amateur cameras, which forms an attractive advantage to the consumer.

Canon PowerShot A700 - Widescreen mode
The extensive available options are represented by a wide array of shooting modes, which enable the user to engage in creative photography in the easiest and most effortless way. Besides its simple operation, the Canon PowerShot A700 also features manual settings, such as aperture and shutter speed priority. A new addition is the so-called Widescreen mode for digital photos, with a 16:9 widescreen ratio resolution setting. Naturally, these images are played back full-screen on widescreen TVs and monitors. Those who wish to capture moving images can record a video clip with sound in TV quality (VGA) with 30fps.

Canon PowerShot A700 review
As mentioned above, the Canon PowerShot A700 is the kingpin of the PowerShot A-series digital cameras. This exceptionally popular line offers the user an attractive creativity combined with a user-friendly low entry-level. We've had the opportunity to test the camera in practice for a considerable amount of time. Our results can be read in the following Canon PowerShot A700 digital camera review.

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Canon Powershot A700 | Digital Camera

  Canon Powershot A700
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