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Digital Camera Specifications

Canon PowerShot A620 Camera review | Control
The operation of a digital compact camera should be extremely user friendly. If professional cameras are more about the speed with which one can act on intuition, this camera should be clear, combining a low threshold factor with as many automatic settings as possible. The Canon PowerShot A620 has an attractive design and looks well made. Canon's years of experience can be seen in their concept which has resulted in a camera that can be used without any obstacles worth mentioning.
Canon PowerShot A620 | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot A620 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A620 camera - Menu
The menu button to the bottom right of the multi-control button activates the camera's menu. The larger LCD comes into its own immediately. Although today’s screens more often tend towards 2.5 inches, the 2 inch format is large enough to show the menu clearly. The menu can be navigated quickly and the total number of menu settings is given on two pages. Many functions used, such as the flash settings, can be operated using the quick review buttons around the multi-control button. The FUNC button can be found in the middle. There is a host of functions concealed behind this button, including ISO, white balance, light metering and resolution. At first, you will need the instruction manual to find your way around, but once you have worked it out, the operation is very convenient.

Canon A620 - PictBridge & Direct Print support
As well as digital cameras, Canon also has a large number of printers in its range. The PictBridge supporting printers can be guided by Canon and other digital cameras. The so-called print/Share button, to the above right of the multi-control button supports the transport of the shots to a printer or computer. If the Canon A620 is connected to a printer that supports PictBridge or Direct Print, a menu is activated in the camera with which it is extremely simple to select and print one or more copies via the camera. You do not then need a computer.

Canon PowerShot A620 - Mode dial
The mode dial is located on top of the Canon PowerShot A620. This dial may be familiar by now; it is part of film cameras and has since become a more or less standard feature on digital cameras. The main programmes are located on the dial and can be accessed directly. The dial can be operated quickly, set accurately and a loud click lets you know when it has been set. Because the number of buttons on the camera has obviously been reduced, the multiple functionality of the buttons has been increased. In the beginning, you may have to search for a while to see which button is concealing a direct function but you will soon see that the quick review functions reduce the time needed to take a shot, making it more pleasant to use.

Canon PowerShot A620 - Record & Play program
In general, a digital camera has two types of main program; a record and a play program. In record mode, diverse information such as exposure mode, resolution, picture quality and the number of shots remaining is shown on the Canon PowerShot A620's LCD screen. Other information like aperture and shutter speed is shown if you press the camera's shutter release button in halfway.
If all this information is too much of a good thing, you can also choose for less or even no information to be shown. As well as giving recording information, the reproduction setting also has the time and date or a histogram for operating the exposure. By turning the zoom button to tele stand you can digitally zoom in on one part of the recorded shot. You can bring the shot to normal proportions with the wide-angle, or you can even have an overview of nine shots in an index.

Canon PowerShot A620 - Tilting LCD screen
One of the features of the Canon A620 that puts this camera in a class of its own is the extremely convenient fold in and tilting screen. Canon has produced similar screens in the past that were warmly received by the public. Equipping the cheaper PowerShot A series with a tilting display enables a larger public to make acquaintance with a camera with which you can take a picture from practically any angle. This is the main advantage of this sort of screen; the total freedom to take a picture in any position you like. The 2 inch format is good, but it would be fantastic if Canon would make the switch to a 2.5 inch screen.

Canon A620 camera - Zoom button
In practise, the operation of the Canon PowerShot A620 leaves little to be desired. It is easy to hold, the grip gives the necessary stability and the handy screen makes it that little bit extra easier to use. Zooming in goes quickly and with the zoom button located on the hand grip, you can bring the subject closer practically on intuition. Your index finger falls in exactly the right place. The resistance of the zoom button aids precision while zooming. There is practically no shutter release lag to speak of, something that used to be a source of irritation when you missed a shot.

Canon PowerShot A620 - PictBridge & DirectPrint
If the Canon A620 is connected to a printer that supports Direct Print like PictBridge or Direct Print, a menu is activated in the camera with which it is extremely simple to select and print one or more copies without having to connect the Canon PowerShot A620 to a computer or laptop. You can transfer shots directly to a computer or laptop via the print/share button which is situated to the above right of the multi-control button. And if you don’t have a printer that supports PictBridge, you can of course print the picture at home via the computer.
Canon PowerShot A620 Canon PowerShot A620
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