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Canon PowerShot A620 Camera review | Camera
The Canon Power Shot A620 has the typical characteristics of a real PowerShot A digital camera. The camera has a contemporary design, but is not one of the slimmest or lightest cameras around. It looks as if the designer’s main objective was to produce a camera that is easy to hold so that you can use the camera without any problems. The well-defined grip ensures a stable position, not to mention the manual position, when, for example, you hold the camera above your head to take a shot with the tilted LCD display. The Canon A620’s body is made from plastic and finished off neatly. With a format of 104.8 x 66.0 x 49.1 mm and weighing approximately 250 grams, this camera is just a bit too big and heavy to be able to fit easily into your pocket.
Canon PowerShot A620 | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot A620 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A620 - Command dial
The top of the Canon A620 camera is dominated by a large command dial that has a variety of settings. The familiar command dial can be turned fully both to the left and right and makes a clearly audible clicking sound when it passes one of the settings. Luckily, the dial is a bit rigid, so that you can’t turn it by accident. The shutter release feels pleasant to use and is located above the hand grip. It has a ring around the release button that serves as a zoom button. Beside the command dial there is an on/off button that is larger than its predecessor and therefore easier to use. A round speaker is located on the far right side.

Canon A620 digital camera - Optical zoom lens
Looking at the front of the camera, you immediately notice the large button on the 4x optical zoom lens. You can remove the ring by pressing the small button to the bottom right of the lens. Canon makes an optional lens adaptor (Canon LA-DC58F) which can be used to expand the lens's focal range. This makes the Canon PowerShot A620 quite unique in its field. Despite the low entry-level, the camera has many functions. Once the adapter has been mounted, the camera can be supplemented with a 1.75 x tele converter (TC-DC58N) which will give you a range of 245mm instead of 140mm. By using a WC-DC58N .7x wide-angle converter it is possible to have a wide-angle of 24.5mm instead of 35mm. There is also a small microphone, an optical viewfinder, a built-in flash and a small LED with an AF assistance illuminator, self timer and red eye reduction functions.
Canon PowerShot A620 - LCD screen
The back of the Canon Power Shot A620 is the camera's control centre. The LCD screen is a considerably larger 2 inches, compared to its predecessor's 1.8 inches. In addition to this, it is now possible to fold in and tilt the screen. Thanks to this it is now possible to take a shot from angles that would have been impossible previously, which is obviously, a big advantage for creative photographers. You can protect the costly LCD screen from scratches by folding it in with the screen side facing the back of the camera. The familiar multi-control button is also included in the Canon PowerShot A620. You can activate diverse functions with the four buttons placed around the multi-control button, including the menu and flash settings. With the Canon A620, an optical viewfinder is still part of a compact camera, in contrast to most of the competition who seem to have abandoned the optical viewfinder completely.

Canon PowerShot A620 camera - Hand grip
The Canon A620's hand grip feels a bit stiff, but well-made. The most important aims of a hand grip have been achieved, namely stability and a good holding position. Personally, I thought that the space between the grip and the zoom lens was rather cramped; there is scarcely any space for your fingers between these two parts. There is a lid underneath the hand grip, under which the battery compartment is hidden. There is another small lid above the hand grip, made of rubber. Behind this is the memory compartment with the interfaces for USB and Video Out, among other things. The opposite side has no functions and only has space for the display's hinge. Because the Canon PowerShot A620 is not so big and the battery compartment needs to have enough space for 4 AA size batteries, it is not possible to open the battery compartment if the camera is mounted on a tripod.
Canon PowerShot A620 Canon PowerShot A620
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