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Canon Digital IXUS 60 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The compact Canon IXUS 60 uses the Secure Digital flash memory card, which has been announced as a world standard. This small card has rapidly conquered the world of digital photography, and is well on its way to explore the path to the digital SLR camera. There are several versions of the Secure Digital card available. The main differences can be found in the storage capacity and the speed with which the memory is able to process the files (read and write). The Canon Digital IXUS 60 is standard delivered with a 16MB memory card, which is of course pretty much inadequate to actually use in practice. I would recommend to leave that card in the box and immediately purchase a fast memory card with a minimum storage capacity of 256MB.
Canon Digital IXUS 60 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 60 | Digital Camera
SanDisk Ultra II Plus SD memory card
Besides the differences in storage capacity and speed, there is another remarkable exception to bring to attention. The SanDisk Ultra II Plus SD memory card has a unique feature, which I have already been using frequently in practice. Apart from speed and large storage capacity, the Secure Digital card comes with a USB interface. By taking the card out of the Canon Digital IXUS 60 digital camera and "breaking" it in half, a USB interface is freed, and the card can be inserted directly into a free USB port. Doing this allows you to use the card as a universal medium with a large exchangeability. The Canon IXUS 60 certainly benefits from a faster memory card, which helps it to guarantee the high quality and series of images. I would therefore definitely recommend investing in such a fast version of a Secure Digital memory card!

Considering 512MB of storage capacity:
Resolution 2816x2112 pixels, Super fine, 176 images, 2720kB
Resolution 2816x2112 pixels, Fine, 292 images, 1620kB
Resolution 2816x2112 pixels, Normal, 603 images, 780kB
Resolution 2271x1704 pixels, Super fine, 237 images, 2002kB
Resolution 2271x1704 pixels, Fine, 425 images, 1116kB
Resolution 2271x1704 pixels, Normal, 839 images, 556kB
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Super fine, 471 images, 1002kB
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Fine, 839 images, 558kB
Resolution 1600x1200 pixels, Normal, 1590 images, 278kB
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Super fine, 1777 images, 249kB
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Fine, 2747 images, 150kB
Resolution 640x480 pixels, Normal, 4317 images, 84kB
Resolution 640x480 pixels, 30 fps, 4 min. 9sec. 1920kB/sec
Resolution 640x480 pixels, 15 fps, 8 min. 14 sec. 960kB/sec
Resolution 320x240 pixels, 30 fps, 11 min. 42 sec. 660kB/sec
Resolution 320x240 pixels, 15 fps, 22 min. 53 sec. 330kB/sec
Resolution 320x240 pixels, 60 fps, 5 min. 59 sec. 1320kB/sec
Resolution 160x120 pixels, 15 fps, 55 min. 57 sec. 120kB/sec
Canon Digital IXUS 60 - 16MB memory card
As mentioned above, Canon supplies the Digital IXUS 60 with a card of 16MB. If you want to get the full quality out of the camera, this card barely allows you to store 4 images. In this high quality, the 6 Megapixel resolution produces files of over 2.7MB in size. This should illustrate why purchasing a Secure Digital card with a large storage capacity would be a sensible thing to do.

Canon IXUS 60 - USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface
Transferring the images to a computer or notebook goes quickly. The Canon Digital IXUS 60 is equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. It will take the camera a little extra power when transferring the files, in particular when the memory card is full. This is why you can also choose to work with an optional card reader; which enables you to read or write on the card directly, without the intervention of the camera. Those who use a SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus card are thus able to choose from both options; either via the camera or without camera and directly inserting it into the slot.

Canon Digital IXUS - 3,7V 760mAh Lithium Ion battery
The camera gets its power from a small 3.7V 760mAh Lithium Ion battery. The Canon NB-4L is charged via a supplied battery charger and is, according to Canon, able to capture approximately 160 images when working with a fully charged battery. In practice, I didn't quite manage this amount (I was able to take approximately 140), but it is has to be said it is close. Those who intend to use the camera frequently, and will sometimes be unable to recharge the battery, as could, for instance, be the case on holiday, will benefit from a second battery. It has to be pointed out that the 2.5 inch format monitor does affect the energy consumption negatively; if it is activated the camera will need almost 4 times the usual power!
Canon Digital IXUS 60 Canon Digital IXUS 60
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