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Canon Digital IXUS 60 Camera review | Control
The Canon Digital IXUS 60 is a typical example of a camera that has been designed with the purpose of ensuring the user is able to take photos in the easiest and most effortless possible way. It is low-weight, small in size and comes in an attractive housing. Consequently, the entry-level can be called very low, which is, however, not at all meant to belittle the camera. Simply press the on/off switch and the camera is ready in no-time to capture the first image. The zoom lens has a 3x optical range, which is the equivalent of 35 - 105mm with a traditional 35mm film camera. I wonder, however, if I will live to see the day when we stop the comparisons with what has been in the past? Once activated, the Canon IXUS 60 is ready to be used by everyone. The operation speaks for itself, and even though several quick function buttons will require a little extra attention, the camera is both easy and swift to operate.
Canon Digital IXUS 60 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 60 | Digital Camera
Canon IXUS 60 - Multifunctional button
Most main functions can be accessed directly through the buttons on the back of the camera. The key advantage of the multifunctional buttons is that they will significantly reduce the time you usually have to spend digging through the menu; which, ultimately, enables you to be more involved with the subject you want to capture in your image. Flash settings, macro, landscape images, Direct Print, etc, can all be directly activated or altered. The switch for record mode, movie mode and play mode is positioned in the corner at the top.

Canon Digital IXUS 60 camera - FUNC button
The FUNC button greatly contributes to the ease of operation. Activating the menu to which this button gives access, enables you to set the camera entirely to your own preference. The menu displays a variety of frequently used settings; such as white balance, image quality, light metering, exposure compensation, etc. These can all be set to your own liking. I would recommend investing a little extra time in the possibilities this function has to offer. Take the manual to read through, so that you can get the best out of your camera. An important asset is the fact that the camera supports several languages (an impressive 23 in total), which many consumers consider an exceptionally user-friendly feature.

Canon Digital IXUS 60 - Multi-controller button
The multi-controller of the Canon Digital IXUS 60 is one that we come across often. This button offers both speed and ease, and comes with a great deal of functionality. The user is able to change the ISO settings by pressing the upper ring in the record mode. The Canon IXUS 60 supports 80 - 800 ISO. The latter value is new for the IXUS series, and helps the user reduce the chance of vibrations caused by slow shutter speeds. In addition, setting the camera to the high ISO value enables you to capture images without using the flash. The ring on the right side holds various flash settings, though nothing surprising, that consist from automatic and red-eye reduction to using a flash in combination with slow shutter speeds (slow sync). The lower ring holds the self timer and the function that enables you to capture a series of images. The left ring offers the macro and the landscape mode. Upon activating the camera in play mode, several extra functions are added, such as the option to delete the image.
Canon IXUS 60 digital camera - Release/ zoom button
The combined shutter release/ zoom button on top of the Canon IXUS 60 digital camera feels pleasant under the index finger. Upon pressing the button halfway down, the camera focuses; when pressed down entirely, the shutter releases and the image is taken. If you choose to set the self timer, this can also be activated via the shutter release button. The ring surrounding the shutter release button functions as a zoom ring. In play mode, an image can be displayed with a magnification of up to 10x; and in the record mode the zoom ring enables you to zoom in optically on the subject up to 3x. In combination with digital zoom, the total zoom range becomes 12x. The digital zoom offers only a partial enlargement of the original photo, so resolution and quality will diminish quickly. The zoom ring is pleasant to work with, requires a little force and enables the user to zoom in accurately.

Canon IXUS compact digital camera - Wide-screen
A new feature on the Canon IXUS camera is the wide-screen function. This wide-screen ratio of 16:9 is becoming increasingly common on digital cameras and offers the user a faster option to capture and print panorama images. This can be done, for example, via one of the compact Canon SELPHY photo printers. When the camera is connected via the fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface to a printer that supports PictBridge of Direct Print, you are able to make a print directly by pressing the Print/Share button. Naturally, the Canon Digital IXUS 60 also supports DPOF, which allows you to select the images via the camera, and set the amount of required copies.

Canon Digital IXUS 60 camera - Flash power
If you require additional flash power in practice, you can opt for an external flash, which comes in the form of the Canon HF DC1 flash. This flash can be attached to the bottom side of the camera via a flash holder, which ensures the HF-DC1 flash is positioned against the camera. The flash is activated through the camera's internal flash, and extends the effective flash range.
Canon Digital IXUS 60 Canon Digital IXUS 60
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