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Canon Digital IXUS 60 Camera review | Camera
The Canon Digital IXUS 60 continues the tradition of the elegant and compact IXUS design. The camera is very compact and has smooth and firm shapes. The metal housing radiates a sense of high quality, which is precisely what an IXUS camera stands for. The camera is designed for the quality-conscious consumer that, besides image quality, is willing to invest a little extra in an eye-catching design. It remains simply astounding how Canon are able to introduce a new camera such as the Canon Digital IXUS 60 and still handle a reasonably stable price. I can imagine this to cause a certain amount of envy in the minds of several other manufacturers, who undoubtedly wish they knew how to achieve just this. The 6 Megapixel Canon IXUS 60 camera has been neatly finished, and its compactness enables you to easily carry it with you at virtually all times.
Canon Digital IXUS 60 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 60 | Digital Camera
Canon Digital IXUS 60 - CCD image sensor
The solidly designed housing is pleasant to hold. Even though the material feels smooth, it does not cause an instable grip or the feeling that the camera is about to slip from your hand. The camera starts up quickly and, just as with its predecessor, the 3x optical zoom lens extends from the housing. The Canon IXUS 60 is equipped with the powerful DIGIC II processor that contributes directly to, among other things, the speed with which the camera starts up and processes the images. The Canon Digital IXUS 60 features a 6 Megapixel CCD image sensor that provides sufficient resolution to produce photo-realistic prints.

Canon IXUS 60 - Optical lens & Viewfinder
The main features on the front side of the Canon IXUS 60 camera are the 3x optical zoom and the attractive finish surrounding the lens. It are the small details that make a difference, and those who know how to appreciate design will thoroughly enjoy this. Above the optical lens we see a viewfinder, which is a rare feature in this type of compact digital cameras these days, with next to it a small built-in flash. The miniscule hole left of the lens is the built-in microphone. Upwards, left of the optical viewfinder, a multifunctional feature is located. This feature handles the indication for the self timer, serves as a red-eye reduction lamp and holds a function as AF assistance illuminator.

Canon IXUS 60 digital camera - On/off button
The top side of the camera features a minimal amount of buttons. The large shutter release button holds a prominent position. It is surrounded by a ring, which serves to operate the optical zoom lens or to show an enlarged view of the stored images. Next to it we find the on/off button, which lies sunk into the housing, ensuring it is neatly hidden from view. It needs to be pressed down explicitly; which greatly diminishes the risk of switching the camera on or off by accident.
Canon Digital IXUS 60 - 2.5 inch LCD screen
Upon switching the camera to the side we are likely to spend most of our time looking at, the first thing that catches your attention is the 2.5 inch monitor. The trend of large monitors is slowly coming to a halt, and it seems 2.5 inch is becoming standard, with perhaps an occasional exception of, for instance, 3 inch, as is the case with the IXUS 65. Beside the monitor, which has a resolution of 173.000 pixels, we find the multi-controller. Each direction of this dial features one or several functions, and the well-known FUNC button, which should be a familiar feature to Canon users, can be found in the centre. This button gives access to a menu that enables the user to set many of the common camera functions. Three additional buttons can be found under and above the multi-controller, with on the far right, at the top, the main switch for the record, movie or play mode. The loudspeaker has been integrated next to the main switch. The functions displayed in blue apply to the play mode. A remarkable feature is the presence of an optical viewfinder; which signals that Canon, contrary to many of their rivals, are not intending to bid farewell to this feature just yet.

Canon IXUS 60 - NB-4L Lithium Ion battery
One side of the camera offers an eyelet for the wrist strap, whilst the opposite side offers a nicely hidden lid, with behind it the Audio/Video connection and the fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. The bottom side of the Canon Digital IXUS 60 camera is equipped with a universal tripod connection, which has been positioned just off-centre. Half of the camera's bottom side is taken up by the combined battery/memory compartment. The Canon IXUS 60 gets its power from a NB-4L Lithium Ion battery of 3.7V 760mAh. The camera supports the standard Secure Digital or the MultiMedia memory card to store its data. The parts are kept safe in the compartment and can not fall out unexpectedly when opening it. The lid closes securely and completes the solid housing.
Canon Digital IXUS 60 Canon Digital IXUS 60
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