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Canon Digital IXUS 60 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon Digital IXUS 60 review : Canon are moving along rapidly. Besides wanting to have a large market share in each segment of the digital imaging market, Canon are naturally also keen to hold the actual number one position, and it seems they are well on the way to achieve it all. This is only emphasised by the introductions of their new products; there seems to be an incessant flow of camera arrivals. At the moment, the cycle for consumer compact cameras is six months. The Canon Digital IXUS 60 was introduced in February 2006, just before the start of the PMA 2006 in Orlando, United States. The new Canon IXUS 60 carries on the IXUS tradition. With its attractive design, a compact format and a housing made from high-quality material, the Canon Digital IXUS seems destined to score major points for Canon once again.

Canon Digital 60 - IXUS series
The Canon Digital IXUS 60 is able to maintain a somewhat classical appearance without becoming boring. The Japanese designer must have an amazing eye for contemporary design, as virtually every single thing having to do with the IXUS name seems to guarantee success. And so, the new Canon IXUS 60 becomes the latest addition to the IXUS family. A camera with a decent resolution of 6 Megapixels, 3x optical zoom with a focal range of 35 - 105mm (equivalent of a 35mm camera), the renowned DIGIC II processor, advanced auto focus, a variety of built-in scenes, a high sensitivity setting, and many, many more handy and clever features.

Canon IXUS 60 - Camera resolution
The camera makes the step from 5 to 6 Megapixels, which is a logical upgrade considering the current "standard" resolution. For this type of camera 6 Megapixels is more than enough to erase any lingering thought of a 35mm camera, and provides the user with sufficient image quality to edit the image creatively and make, for instance, an enlargement of a crop. The 2,5 inch LCD monitor on the back of the camera is the ideal replacement for the optical viewfinder, which is still present but could really be easily replaced by a larger size LCD display. Canon have already proven with the Digital IXUS 65 camera, which was introduced at the same time as the Canon IXUS 60 and which we will soon also cover in a digital camera review, that this produces truly striking results.

Canon Digital IXUS 60 digital camera - ISO 800
In the past, we have seen the small IXUS digital camera struggle a little with capturing images indoors; especially in situations where the effective range of the internal flash wasn't quite up to par. The Canon Digital IXUS 60 is equipped with a high sensitivity setting, which enables you to use the camera to take photos indoors without a flash. In addition, the high value of ISO 800 should also minimise camera shake; an inexpensive solution to achieve image stabilisation, which is emphasised by the quick button that is positioned on the camera.

Canon IXUS 60 - Wide-screen 16:9 mode
The Canon IXUS 60 is also equipped with a new wide-screen 16:9 mode, which enables the user to capture true wide-screen images. This seems to be a rising trend, and shows how certain manufacturers feel about the camera and its place in multimedia surroundings, which is how they like to think of the modern living room.

Canon IXUS 60 digital camera review
The Canon Digital IXUS 60 is a luxurious digital compact camera, of which the emphasis lies not solely on design and the compact size. The photo quality and powerful image processing solutions, which come in the form of a DIGIC II processor, are of significant importance for this digital camera. The first impression is pleasant, but it was in practice that we were able to form our ultimate opinion on how the Canon IXUS 60 should be judged. Just how our judgement turned out can be read in the following Canon Digital IXUS 60 digital camera review.

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Canon Digital IXUS 60 | Digital Camera

  Canon Digital IXUS 60
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