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Nikon D200 Digital camera review | Introduction
Nikon D200 digital SLR review : Nikon isn't exactly known for renewing their assortment of camera models at amazing speed. Yet whenever they make a new introduction, you can rest assured it'll being something extraordinarily special. Take the Nikon D200 for example, a camera that simply towers over its predecessor, the D100. It isn't just a higher resolution, its updated looks or the new design that draws one to it. The Nikon D200 digital reflex camera offers such a staggering amount of new features, that one should truly regard it as a remarkable digital revolution.

Nikon D200 SLR camera - 10 Megapixel resolution
Even though it is not necessarily the most important asset of a camera, the resolution virtually always remains people's prime interest. With 10 Megapixels the Nikon D200 raises the bar another notch for digital SLRs in this class. The sensor, ordered again from Sony, is a CCD type image sensor. At this time we still see the manufacturers divided in two camps; whilst one clearly opts for the CMOS, the other prefers to stay with the CCD sensor.

Nikon D200 d-SLR - New housing & Specifications
The most revolutionary features of the Nikon D200 however, are its new housing and specifications. Where Nikon chose to remain with the design of the analogue F80, a true consumer camera, for the D100, their designers have delivered a piece of considerably improved quality with the Nikon D200 dSLR. The main handicap of the D100 body was formed by the fact it wasn't particularly suited to frequent professional use. This was however exactly what the D100 was often used for, especially as the price-class of the D100 did not exactly offer a lot of choice or competition in those days. The new design however, differs from this and is without a doubt perfectly suited to handle frequent professional use. This is not only shown by the camera's robust metal body, but also from, for instance, its features that make it resistant against water and dust. The Nikon D200 can easily withstand a rain shower, granted, perhaps not with the same results as a professional D2X, but certainly better than its direct competition or even the (more expensive) Canon EOS 5D.

Nikon D200 digital reflex camera - Viewfinder
Yet another revolutionary feature is the viewfinder. Until the arrival of the D200 digital reflex camera, photographers had to settle for a smaller viewfinder than they were used to with a 35mm camera. Sometimes the viewfinder even resembled a tunnel through which one was looking. Just how they have achieved it will undoubtedly remain a secret for now, but the Nikon D200 is equipped with a viewfinder that clearly reminds us of the ones to which we had become accustomed with film. Furthermore, this means Nikon instantaneously put an end to the pre-conceived opinion that the viewfinder remains uncomfortable due to the DX sensor. It also signals that it remains unlikely we will see a full-size sensor on the Nikon models; especially now that they have freed themselves of one of the largest disadvantages whilst the advantages of the unambiguous focal length multiplier of 1.5x are still standing strong.

Nikon D200 SLR camera - Settings
The settings that the Nikon D200 offers give it a distinctly professional air. The camera can be set entirely to the photographer's own preference. This is certainly a must for the professional photographer that wants to prevent time-loss caused by attempting to figure out just how to set one thing or another. The user's favourite settings can be saved, so that they are easily accessible. Nikon has certainly paid close attention to what their users have experienced in practice.

Nikon D200 d-SLR camera - Focussing & ISO
Just as is the case with the D2X, the Nikon D200 has 11 focus areas. The division is slightly different, yet offers a nice coverage. Studio photographers will certainly appreciate the lowest value of ISO 100, especially as the D100 had a lowest value of ISO 200. The adjustability of the current flash boxes does make it possible to work with this, but you will now have more creativity in the exposure possibilities. Naturally, the Nikon D200 d-SLR is equipped with a pleasantly large format monitor on the back of the camera. This is particularly handy when looking back at your images and when working in the menu. In addition, the D200 camera comes with a very generous format information display, which is located on top.

Nikon D200 SLR camera review
Photographers have been eagerly anticipating the arrival Nikon D200. We too were longing for the camera's introduction. Once there, it did not take long for us to receive the Nikon D200, so that we had the opportunity to test the camera extensively. Our results of this extraordinary digital reflex camera can be read in the following Nikon D200 SLR review.

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Nikon D200 preview

"Among all camera product announcements occasionally there is a product that you definitely cannot wait to get your hands on. Today we are pleased to give you an exclusive preview of a very interesting new Nikon D-SLR, the Nikon D200. According to Nikon :"The Nikon D200 bridges the gap", and after having handled the new D200 D-SLR myself I can only confirm that statement. At this moment no other solution equals what the Nikon D200 is offering you when you look at quality, specifications and price for that matter. With the introduction of the D200 Nikon creates a new class of digital SLR camera between entry-level (D50 and D70s) and professional D-SLR cameras (D2Hs and D2x). As for me, I am a D100 user, using it on a daily basis mainly for product shots like I did with the D200 product shots that you will find in this Nikon D200 preview. Of course I was also eager to upgrade my D100, but I was missing a D-SLR like the D200. Until now..."

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Nikon D200 | Digital Camera

  Nikon D200
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